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Auction of a large CNC turning and milling centre

The industrial auction house Surplex is auctioning off a turning and milling centre. Interested parties have the opportunity to bid until the 23rd of May via the platform.

The industrial auction house Surplex is auctioning this CNC turning and milling centre from the manufacturer CMZ (© Surplex)

Turning and milling centres have become essential for modern production, as they enable a high amount of flexibility and efficiency in machining. As both turning and milling operations can be carried out in a single pass, machining time is significantly reduced, and accuracy is improved. Set-up time and the need for manual intervention are also reduced because several machining processes are integrated into one machine. This automatically leads to faster production and resulting in lower operating costs. Therefore, for companies that manufacture complex and precise parts, introducing or improving the production line with turning and milling centres is an ideal solution.

A great opportunity for companies to upgrade their machinery will soon be available. The industrial auction house Surplex is auctioning off a CMZ TTL-66-66-T1Y-T27+GL2011 CNC turning & milling centre on 23rd May. As the only item in the auction, the high quality of the machine is emphasised.

The most important technical specifications at a glance:

  • Year of manufacture 2021
  • Control system: Fanuc Series 31i-Model B
  • 2 work spindles with maximum spindle speed 4,000rpm
  • 2 turrets with 12 tool stations each
  • Maximum bar capacity (left/right spindles): 66-66mm
  • Maximum turned diameter: 320mm
  • Distance between the spindles: 800mm
A view of the inside of the turning and milling centre, which can be purchased at (© Surplex)

The machine is located in Aylesbury in the UK and can be viewed by prior arrangement.

Surplex is one of the leading industrial auction houses for used machinery and accessories. Sellers and buyers are reached worldwide via the online platform. This offers a wide range of machinery and equipment from various industries such as metal and wood processing. Surplex is characterised by its comprehensive multilingual service, which includes dismantling and support with the preparation of customs documents.
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