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Automated AI offers companies a competitive sales and marketing edge

In this issue of Business & Industry Today, we are delighted to announce Carbon & Finch as our Software Development Company of the Month.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) has created revolutionary, seamless, automated solutions within a cloud-based infrastructure. The AI potential is gathering momentum, as more businesses search for optimised marketing and sales services, to maximise workflow, increase sales and improve overall ROI.

Carbon & Finch are a leading, global Microsoft Technology consultancy offering the perfect solution: JeffreyAI: a sales & marketing automation tool. The automated platform offers endless capabilities from: assigning tasks, replying to emails, honing in on KPI’s, managing the workforce and pipeline, setting daily, weekly and monthly targets, all through an automated platform. With pre-programmable settings, the plug n’play functionality allows your sales & marketing team to focus on what they do best: increase sales.

“We all know that cartoon of the cart with square wheels, dreaming of round wheels: we are asking companies to do the same now: be more forward-thinking. AI is the future and we can offer a remote cloud-based workhorse, that completes all the organisational backbone work, leaving your sales & marketing team focussed on speaking to customers and strategic sales. After all, sales are the bloodline of any company,” explains CEO Jimmi Jakobsen.

“Companies are still ambiguous about AI capability, but it is already here: helping maximise sales and marketing targets across the globe. We can provide consultancy for companies, who are unsure about making that transition, especially SME’s, who might be feeling unable to make
that leap.”

Carbon & Finch has been providing solutions for enterprises across the world for over 15 years, using Microsoft technologies. The family-run business is located in the market town of Epsom, near West London and reported an impressive 80% increased revenue last year.

“We offer bespoke consultancy for enterprises across the world, from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the US, with industries ranging from retail, banking, insurance to manufacturing. At Carbon & Finch: we design, implement and advise on the ERP implementation and a whole range of software development. We are a one-stop-shop offering Microsoft Licences, the integration of 3rd party applications, secure data migration to cloud-based storage, custom reporting & analytics, bespoke solution design & development, system configuration, through to our JeffreyAI workflow automation,” expands Jimmi.

The expert company is two-tiered: offering consultancy and online maintenance and support, though the two are mutually compatible. As a Microsoft partner, Carbon & Finch are industry experts in delivering Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365, but offer the full life cycle from initial enquiry to design, implementation, configuration, through to data migration. The online dynamics support team are certified Microsoft Dynamics Professionals, offering instant online global support.

With Jimmi at the helm, the team are in expert hands: with over 20 years’ experience designing, implementing and advising on ERP implementation and software development projects, he brings technical expertise. The leading investment management firm: Goldman Sachs selected Jimmi to be part of a handpicked small business coaching programme, which led to peak performance coaching by the CEO of the Year: 2019: Eric Partaker.

“I started my own accountancy practice aged 18 and by the age of 20, was working for a software company. This is my area of expertise and I decided 15 years ago to start Carbon & Finch, utilising my areas of expertise,” explains Jimmi.

With an exponential sales increase, the company has fared well, under Jimmi’s expert eye. As a Microsoft partner, the team can offer a full range of implementation services from: project planning and management, system configuration, data migration, through to ongoing training and support.

Every business is different and Carbon & Finch has supported small and large companies with the number of employees ranging from two to over 12,000, across a range of industries. The Development Services offer bespoke solutions for individual company requirement, and Carbon & Finch are particularly interested in helping SMEs realise their sales & marketing targets, through digital AI, “Selling is already moving from analogue to hyper-automation engagements, within a buyer-centric model on a digital platform. Autonomous prospecting is the future, and with automated solutions, AI can help companies understand more about their customer demographics. Artificial Intelligence has the ability to fully analyse customer/sales dialogues, and with added monitored social media engagement, can create a full customer profile. With a platform holding customer data, the AI will drive lead generation and optimise the marketing of the right product, to the right person at the right time,” wrote Jimmi on the Carbon & Finch LinkedIn Blog.

“We interested in educating people: helping spread awareness of exactly what AI can do for companies, to futureproof their ROI’s.”

“Companies can take out a free 30-day trial of JeffreyAI, to see if it works for them. As a Lead Forensics Partner, this means that you can see who has visited which part of your website and for how long and what company they work for. This allows for detailed user analytics, which is indispensable for targeted sales and marketing programmes,” laid out Jimmi.

Carbon & Finch have been busy promoting their extensive range of software and AI solutions at trade show recently, including the Surrey Business Expo 2023 at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford, to impressed delegates, as part of a wider drive to showcase exactly how the company can help businesses.

The support ticket package for example, provides businesses with a flexible choice of support for Dynamics 365 F&O, with fast-tracked troubleshooting, reduced costs and proactive customer service support. Companies can choose between basic, standard or premium Microsoft bundles: offering a flexible support package dependant on budgets and requirements.

“In the future, we hope to offer face-to-face networking sessions for SME companies interested in our product range at our Epsom base.”

“We are also interested in providing opportunities for the next generation, through a variety of apprenticeship opportunities. These include Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant Apprenticeships. These are perfect for students currently completing a relative computing course, with basic knowledge of C# and C#.Net Framework,” concludes Jimmi.

If your company is ready to embark on the AI journey, book in for a consultation with Carbon & Finch today.

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