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Euro pallet (unit load) system

ORBIS has a wide range of pallets manufactured solely for the European market. Two of them, the 1.120 x 1.420 BulkPal and 1.180 x 1.250 BulkPal pallets, are specifically designed to store, stage and ship metal and plastic cans and bottles in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

These dimensionally consistent pallets are structural-foam moulded in high density polyethylene to increase durability and product protection. The plastic material offers cost savings compared with wood and makes for a safer, more sustainable handling solution. When combined with layer pads and top frames, these pallets create more secure unit loads that effectively move along the supply chain.

Layer pads, also known as solid and corrugated plastic divider sheets, are placed between layers of aluminium, steel, glass and plastic cans or bottles in the unit loads. The non-sloughing, plastic design reduces product contamination that occur from dust, fibre and splinters found in alternative sheet materials.

They also are easy to clean, and their reusability eliminates the packaging waste associated with corrugated and solid fibreboard sheets. To top off the system, top frames can be added to full unit loads to better stabilise and protect products during storage and transport.

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