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Leachate Solutions expands into new sector in Wastewater Treatment

In this issue of Sustainability Today, we are pleased to announce Leachate Solutions as our Leachate Treatment Company of the Year.

Leachate Solutions specialise in Leachate Treatment and are the UK’s only designer and manufacturer on the market of airless CH4 (methane) stripping plants for water and leachate. Maintaining a greener future, Leachate Solutions provides a full turnkey service to its customers helping them to design and deliver new innovative solutions to previously problematic processes. They also test and maintain existing leachate extraction systems within their business.

We spoke with Carl and Jane Rostock, Founders and Directors of Leachate Solutions who explained the company’s main principles and services. “We offer a new and alternative process for the treatment of dissolved Methane. It’s really cost-effective and runs alongside our environmental credentials that are paramount to our business practice. We search for the greenest modes of engineering, from the materials we choose through to the entire production, even the electric pumps we use are the most economically, environmentally friendly pumps on the market.”

COVID-19 has most certainly had a large effect on UK economy, with many businesses struggling to get back on their feet. Leachate Solutions has responded remarkably, with early insights showing that the past 12 months have been the most successful for the company in the last seven years. Carl commented, “It’s fair to say we have had an excellent 12 months and long may it continue. We have just completed two projects for a local authority, and we have had a significant increase in enquiries that are quickly turning into future jobs. Our conversion rate is excellent as when we receive an enquiry, our flexible approach allows us to work closely with the client to develop and achieve a positive solution for their needs. We provide solutions for people for the problems they are experiencing around leachate or any engineering process.”

It is evidential that Leachate Solutions is a prime example of engineering excellence from its 35+ years’ experience in the industry. The company has amassed considerable technical expertise that its customers trust and rely on. “Much of our business comes from recommendations from our clients. We pride ourselves in maintaining a trustful and healthy relationship with each client, offering them continuous communication and ensuring we are available to them throughout every step of the project to respond to any change in specification that is needed. Our customer retention is high and that’s why we receive so many referrals from them,” mentioned Jane.

Continuing on the company’s last 12 months success, we asked Carl how sales fared in comparison to forecast, he answered, “Sales have been fantastic. They have at least doubled, and I would go as far as to say even tripled! We have just completed two projects, and we have projects waiting in the background from our steady influx of customers. We are incredibly busy, and we couldn’t be more grateful, but also, we have worked very hard to get where we are, so it is a well-deserved position to be in and a credit to our entire team for all their hard work.”

With no two projects ever the same, Leachate Solutions have developed a versatile and flexible way of working that ensures every client requirement can be met to the highest standard and within the agreed deadline. A new recent development for the company sees them active in a brand-new sector of ‘contaminated water clean-up’ to which it has never entered before.

Carl explained, “We are currently developing a treatment plant for a demolition company. They are demolishing old gasometers on the South West Gas network. Some of them are over 100 years old and are full of contaminated water. This water, some 6.5million litres, has to be cleaned up prior to discharge into a public sewer. So we have made certain adaptations to our standard treatment plant in order to filter out Hydro-Carbons and suspended solids to meet the discharge consent. The first is due to be delivered to their site in Plymouth on March 31st.” Jane added, “It’s an additional service, an add-on if you will to what we currently do that will feed into a number of other sectors and be a service that we can offer to many clients. This project has gone from a phone call concept to a design and delivery within six weeks. We worked closely with our client to deliver what they needed within their tight time frame.”

With the current state of the economic climate and delays to sourcing and delivery of specific equipment, this has been a fantastic achievement for Leachate Solutions and speaks volumes for its undeniable commitment to excellence, due in no small part to the excellent relationships held within their supplier network, including Pumping Solutions (UK) and their superb Service providers, JPR Engineering in Burscough.

Leachate Solutions delivers the highest standards that are both ethically and theoretically correct. They work alongside Dr Mike Fischer, Technical Director and Company Scientist at Biochemit Environmental Ltd, who advises on the chemistry that is involved in each project. From this, customers can be assured that everything Leachate Solutions delivers has a proven theory behind it and is according to industry standards.

The flexibility of Leachate Solutions is undeniably one of its strengths, as the requirements of its clients are always changing. By utilising the latest technology where available and injecting their years of technical know-how and expertise, the process of stripping dissolved methane from water and leachate discharges through their treatment System, is now seen as Best Available Technology (BAT) as it creates a more efficient, safe and compliant discharge and is a service that is completely unrivalled and unique within their field.

Going forward, we asked Jane what the company’s plans for the future entail, she responded, “We will continue to develop solutions that run-in line with our customers’ needs. We will continue growing organically and at a pace that is attainable, not rushing into anything. We will also be looking to expand our workforce over the next year to accommodate for our growth.”

Carl added, “It’s always a positive to receive such awards in the industry and to be recognised for all our hard work. As a company, we embrace new technologies and put into them what we already know, and that’s why we come highly recommended by all of our clients. Our solutions offer strong environmental benefits to the planet and to the customers business, and receiving this award gives us a great platform to talk about it.”

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