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An optimised design for valve actuators
The Camtorc series actuator is a mathematically derived cam system first manufactured in 1975. It has been in continuous production since, gaining a base in industries all over the world. Imtex Controls acquired all rights to the design in 2006 and integrated it into a modular assembly that is particularly suited to space-sensitive or remote/inaccessible locations. Read More

Foreword: The heart of the system continues to evolve

By Bernhard Erdl CEO, Owner, Chief Developer – PULS GmbH

The power supply is the heart of any system. This is a role it has held for decades now, working tirelessly away in the background from inside the cabinet. Recent years, however, have seen the power supply increasingly distance itself from this modest role. Read More

  • Using a mix of in-house technology, award-winning cloud manufacturing startup Fractory has removed the need for manufacturing drawings when quoting for tube cutting jobs
  • Requests for quotes can now be completed in seconds, as opposed to the established time frame of days
  • Fractory believe their latest innovation will cut procurement resources and speed up manufacturing times for their customers

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