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As the UK’s roadmap successfully meanders towards June 21st, more people are travelling, shops are reopening, and many offices are beginning to come back to life. However, the need for social distancing and the wearing of face masks remains in place, and may continue to do so for some considerable time even beyond June 21st.
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“The Industry Challenge Keynote” | May 25th 14:00, Online

Today, and in the future, the building industry faces major challenges. Health-related, economic and environmental aspects of buildings will soon be a top priority in our societies. Creating healthy, productive and sustainable indoor environments will be a key issue for building owners, contractors, tenants and governments. Read More

Company of the Year, 540 WORLD who work closely with the Environment Agency on circular materials projects, is proud to report that the EA will announce at Futurebuild’s ‘Game Changers LIVE,’ the very latest updates on embedding sustainability policy into contracts and the role of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ material inclusions for the built environment in this interactive, virtual networking event on the 20th May.
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