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Elevating Metal Profiling: The Waterjet Sweden BevelJet 60

In the realm of precision cutting, where meticulous craftsmanship meets the demands of modern industry, innovation is the driving force. Charles Day Steels’ latest investment the Waterjet Sweden BevelJet 60,...

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Exploring the Versatility of Waterjet Cutting in Metal Profiling

In the realm of metal fabrication, Charles Day Steels understand that precision and efficiency are paramount. Over the years, various cutting methods have emerged, each with its own advantages and...

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Solar Power: A new focal point in Laser Cutting

How The Laser Cutting Co. is slashing energy usage, costs, and saving their customers money with their latest large-scale solar panel installation project! (more…)

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Revolutionising precision and productivity: Charles Day and sister company The Laser Cutting Co reveal their latest machine investments

Established in 1976, Charles Day maintains a program of continuous investment, providing access to the latest technologies for companies choosing to outsource profile cutting. From drawing to delivery Charles Day...

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