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Innovative pipe supplier offers exciting new products in 2023

At Sustainability Today we like to draw attention to innovative service providers and our Company of the Month Ebero Pipe Systems exemplifies this.

Ebero Pipe Systems has a long illustrious history as expert pipe suppliers to a multitude of sectors including utilities (gas/water), smart grid/metering, high-tech fibre-optic network and rain water management. Since its inception in 1969 by Ernst Jennrich, Benno Neumann and Rolf von Kampen the company has expanded and in 1991 was taken over by current CEO, Carsten Schweneker. The company now employs over 150 workers across all operating countries alongside its UK division that formed in 2006. Richard Tooze, UK Managing Director, guides us through the company’s remit.

“We provide both current and new innovative products as well as expertise to UK contractors, designers and consultants. We aim to be a technical partner for all infrastructure, sealing systems and smart city solutions. We are also offering an innovative PE pipe jointing system from Veiga, The Geopress K system removes the need to scrape the pipe ends, use an electrofusion control box and generator or use a welding tent while achieving a huge time saving and delivering a reliable joint with ease. This system is already making a name for its self within one of the UK’s biggest water networks as a trial for new service connections. As well as alleviating the need for the electrofusion process the Geopress K does not require external approval that the joint has been installed correctly. The fitting indicators make this easy for the operator to record and report back to line managers easily.”

UK urban and rural infrastructures rely on regular supplies of water and gas for the everyday running of businesses and households. The disposal of wastewater is something we all take for granted but it is essential for safe sanitation. A secure pipe system will provide peace of mind in these areas alongside access to emergency servicing. Ebero Pipe Systems offer the supply, fitting, servicing and repair aspects of these key, essential services. With freezing temperatures and hotter summers due to climate change, having a reliable pipe supply is not only essential but mandatory.

Ebero is committed to corporate social responsibility, recognising that the environment is a “finite collective commodity and is not disposable.”

With steps taken to avoid environmental hazards Ebero look for the most eco-friendly options to minimise damage. Renewable energy is the way forward with smart metering leading the way offering consumers sustainable solutions. A smart meter monitors energy consumption coupled with cost-effective financial gains. Risk of floods are a mounting concern due to flash flooding around the country and businesses are becoming increasingly proactive with building adaptions. The warehousing sector for example, requires watertight warehouses for the safe storage of goods in the event of flooding and Ebero’s pipe systems can help maintain this.

The company has taken the steps of moving to a bigger 11,000ft2 premises in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The central location is ideal for supporting utility and construction companies all over the country. Local councils in towns and cities have increasingly requested Smart city smart grid product fittings and these can mostly be supplied within the next day. Ebero values its customers over unnecessary profit, following its economy pillar model within the corporate social responsibility as Richard explains,

“Being a family business we focus on building lasting partnerships treating all customers as individuals working closely together to offer tailored solutions and accommodating the needs of today’s changing environment including some same day delivery options.”

The company was busy promoting its services across specific trade shows throughout 2022 such as Utility Week Live in May at the Birmingham NEC and No Dig Live in September in Peterborough. The exhibition stands allowed Ebero to showcase its full pipe system range to new and existing customers.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2023 there are many exciting new products and services being launched as Richard showcases,

“We will be able to offer polyethylene pipe coils up to 180mm with some same day delivery direct from site from stock. These can be urgently required by the construction industry for time-sensitive projects.”

With innovation in mind, Ebero has been perfecting its technological products ready for the hi-tech industries.

“We are also launching our new initiative site safety imitative called ‘Mole Eye’ this is a mobile site surveillance system which is easily monitored from anywhere in the world in High Definition and real time. This is already very successful throughout our German businesses as it gives both the site personnel and management alike peace of mind their sites are safe and secure as well as best practices are been observed.

“We are also a strategic partner for Hauff Technik offering both off the shelve and bespoke solutions for pipe and cable entry sealing used widely within the UK power and data centre framework.”

Ebero is leading the way in the pipe supplier industry, with excellent customer service and knowledge. If you would like to find out more about the products, please see the details below:

M 07595 217920