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Surplex fills gaps in the globalised used machinery market: 12 assets for sale in Seoul

A European industrial auction house is selling machinery in Seoul, Korea. That may sound cumbersome; but it makes sense. The used machinery market is globalised, increasing not only the options for buyers but also extending the reach for sellers.

The BFR-3500 CNC floor-type boring machine with ramming function from SNK is the largest of the twelve machines currently for sale in Seoul. (© Surplex)

However, for smooth operations, well-connected partners with international trade expertise are essential.

The market for used machinery is becoming increasingly attractive for both buyers and sellers. This is because used equipment is not only cost-efficient but also ready for immediate use. And sellers receive additional budget through a sale of depreciated machinery.

Used CNC machining centres from renowned manufacturers such as SNK and Doosan are a cost-effective option to expand one’s machine park. (© Surplex)

However, the reality is more complex: a locally limited, self-organised trade restricts both the range of options for buyers and the reach for sellers. Thus, the used machinery market is one of many trade sectors that have been globalised.

Direct sale of industrial machinery in Seoul as a current example
Surplex is also observing this trend. Surplex is one of Europe’s leading industrial auction houses and trades worldwide with used machinery and equipment. “We see an increasing number of exports outside Europe. So, the globalisation of the used machinery market is continuing,” says Patrick van Goor, project manager at Surplex. “For instance, we are currently offering 12 high-quality industrial machines for direct sale in Seoul, South Korea.” The offer ranges from a CNC floor-type boring machine to several machining centres from renowned manufacturers like SNK, Doosan, and Hyundai. In detail:

• CNC ram-type floor-type boring machine SNK BFR-3500
• Machining centres: SNK CMV-100T, DOOSAN NHM-8000, DOOSAN VCF-850SR, DOOSAN NHM-6300, DOOSAN VM 750L
• CNC turning and milling centres: DOOSAN Puma MX2600ST, DOOSAN Puma 2500SY, HYUNDAI-WIA L280LM, DOOSAN Puma GT2100M
• CNC lathe DOOSAN VT-1100
• Table-type boring mill DOOSAN DBC 130L II

On, you can find machines for metalworking, woodworking and construction. Surplex is a marketplace for the worldwide trade of used industrial machinery. (© Surplex)

Surplex: a comprehensive service provider in a global market
But what good is the best machine if logistics and transport are not organised efficiently? This is where Surplex’s strength as a holistic service provider becomes apparent. The company not only provides the platform for direct sales and auctions but also takes care of the entire logistical process. This includes the disassembly and reassembly of the machines, as well as the transport and customs clearance. Van Goor: “Such services are indispensable, especially in a globalised market where the buyer and the goods are often thousands of kilometres apart.”
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