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The number of visitors attending The Homebuilding & Renovating Shows who are working on a live project is increasing year on year, according to new research from the event organisers Future PLC. The last show of 2017 emphasised the quality and commitment of the show’s audience with 80 per cent of visitors undertaking a live project, significantly increasing the ROI for exhibitors. Read More

HORIBA was first set up in 1945 by Masao Horiba, a student at Kyoto University. Japan was in a state of disarray at the time, and nuclear physics research had been disrupted due to the war. As a result, Masao set up the HORIBA Radio Laboratory in Kyoto in order to continue research. The Laboratory successfully built a capacitor for use in high-speed calculators, or what we would call a computer today, enabling nuclear physics experiments. The capacitor was a success and HORIBA began manufacturing it commercially, but further difficulties emerged when an international conflict caused materials prices to surge. HORIBA was forced to abandon their capacitors in favour of their pH meters which were used to control the pH value of the capacitor’s electrolyte. The measurement instrumentation proved a tremendous success and in 1953, HORIBA Ltd. was established. Read More