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Newton Fox Business Development Specialists Open The Door

Imagine Arriving At Work To Find A Door That Wasn’t There Yesterday, And When You Open The Door You Discover…

A well-dressed lady who, upon seeing you, rises from behind her desk and, with a big smile, hands you a sheet of paper.

“Good morning,” she says, “here are the details of a company who want to see you to discuss how you can help them. I’ve told them all about Business And Industry Today Limited,” she continues, “and they’re very eager to meet with you. You’re scheduled in with the MD for 10am next Wednesday.” The company she has made the appointment with has been on your ‘most wanted’ list for a while.

“Thank you very much,” you reply, a little bewildered, “I’ll put it in my diary.”

“No need,” she says with a wave of her hand and another smile. Already done, along with directions, a link to their website, a resume of their core activities and the recordings of the calls with them so you understand why the appointment was made.

“Sorry,” you say, “but who are you and where’ve you come from?”

“Ah, you didn’t get the memo; I’m here to help you win new clients,” she explains. “I’ve researched your markets and am now making direct contact with all the companies identified as needing your services. If you give me enough time I will provide your company with quality appointments that will lead to £1,000s worth of appointments and often £Ms worth of pipeline. Call back at lunchtime,” she continues, “as I’ve a conference call at 11am with another company who are keen to meet with you.”

“Oh, ok,” you say, “I will,” adding, “this is great, thanks very much.” You’re not sure how she’s doing it but feel very grateful that she is!
You feel yourself getting mildly excited at the prospect of winning a steady stream of business from this work and start thinking about the difference it’s going to make to the company’s performance.

As you step back out into the corridor the fire alarm goes off, which, after a couple of seconds, turns into your alarm clock. You sit upright in bed, gathering your thoughts. “Aahhh, a dream,” you sigh to yourself as you start to come to, “just a dream.”

As you flop back down onto your pillow to allow yourself an extra five minutes you begin wondering ‘what if?’ What if there was such a person, capable of making such good quality appointments; someone as competent, as professional and as effective as her, even if only for just one or two days per week? If she did exist, you conclude, you would definitely like to meet her.

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