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Key Organics

Key Organics occupies a unique position by being able to offer fragment and screening libraries for very early-stage projects. We can follow this up by performing SAR by catalogue and custom synthesis of further analogues. Additionally, we offer FTE support for accelerating project progress – process development and scale up when the project approaches candidate selection phase. And finally, Key Organics offers a deep well of experience in chemical procurement, which adds maximum value to all projects.

Key Organics has supported many drug discovery programs, from hit validation to preclinical studies. We have particular expertise in the scale-up of synthetic routes to prepare multi-gram quantities of a lead compound for further studies. As many of our customers work to tight deadlines, we seek to optimise the efficiency of a scale-up route by reducing the number of steps and finding alternatives to chromatographic purification. Our chemists work closely with our in-house analytical team to ensure that final compounds meet or exceed the purity specification required by the customer, we can also provide SDS, BSE/TSE, GMO statements as needed by the client.

We have in-house experience of synthesizing various salts of the desired compound to aid salt screening and polymorphism studies.

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