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Instrumentation, Measurement, Data Acquisition & Test Systems

In this issue of Business and Industry Today, we are pleased to recognise GI Systems for its ongoing Commitment to Excellence in delivering industrial process instrumentation, test measurement and data acquisition to a range of key industry requirements and specifications.

Established in 2019, GI Systems Ltd’s team of experts bring 30 years of knowledge and experience gained in the process instrumentation market. “Our knowledge of customer needs and application requirements provide sales and business opportunities for GI Systems supplier companies, each of which have a high reputation for excellence and innovation in test and measurement for their own product area. GI Systems Ltd is the UK representative of Gantner Instruments GmbH (Austria) and is also the UK representative of Manner Sensortelemetrie GmbH (Germany). Both of these are experts in producing solutions for challenging and demanding requirements often found in leading edge product development challenges,” stated Rob Stockham, Director.

GI Systems Ltd’s partner companies have decades of experience in each of the above specialities which positions the company to work closely with customers on an ‘engineer to engineer’ basis developing solutions for applications, rather than being classed as a ‘catalogue sales shop’.

We asked Rob, what three words best describe the company, he answered, “Firstly I would say measurement because we are familiar with most physical parameters, signals, and processes, understanding the nature of the measurements and how best to handle them effectively. Secondly, integrity because we strive to provide robust and dependable technical solutions to meet customer needs, matched with fair and equitable business relationships to meet commercial obligations and expectations. And thirdly, value as we offer products and solutions at competitive pricing, building in quality of product performance to improve customer outcomes on investment and life cycle ownership.”

Currently GI Systems Ltd is deeply involved in the automotive sector, carrying out work for electric vehicle development and testing, with its capabilities also being utilised to stretch to both drive train and battery systems in test cells and ‘on vehicle’ testing for drive and half-shaft torque measurement telemetry. “We are also seeing great success in power plant conditioning monitoring using a wide range of flexible IO module architectures. These meet the needs of measuring vibration, stress, strain, temperature, pressure, motor, and electrical parameters to provide plant operators information, dash boards and early warning of component failures. It also helps them plan for required maintenance ahead of unexpected failures that can cause plant shutdowns, loss of revenue and possible safety issues,” added Rob.

Continually broadening its network to reach a wider audience, GI Systems Ltd has recently entered partnership arrangements with some well-established systems integrator companies including Sella Controls Ltd of Stockport, Fluidic Ltd of Glasgow and another significant partner soon to be announced. “Each of these bring their own considerable experience and resources together to the industrial market segments that they service. Partnering with such companies extends the reach and capabilities of GI Systems Ltd and will allow for further growth into their customer base,” said Rob.

As the company begins to find ways to manoeuvre towards other markets, industries, and its competitors, GI Systems Ltd is placing emphasis on increasing customer awareness for Gantner Instruments and Manner Sensortelemetrie, working for a similar success of both products and solutions here in the UK that has been replicated on a global level by these companies.

In closing, we asked Rob what commitment to excellence means to GI Systems Ltd and how he feels the company achieve this. He answered, “As certified to ‘Cyber Essentials’, we always strive to make incremental improvements and use lessons learnt to ‘meet and beat’ customer expectations. In 2020 I was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering Technology. I believe my contribution to the industry over a number of years, particularly with regard to promotion of furtherance of functional safety (eg. IEC 61508) adds great value to our service.”

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