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Instrumentation, Measurement, Data Acquisition & Test Systems

In this issue of Business and Industry Today, we are pleased to recognise GI Systems for its ongoing Commitment to Excellence in delivering industrial process instrumentation, test measurement and data...

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GI Systems Ltd at Silverstone

GI Systems Ltd is focused on measurement, test, data acquisition and condition monitoring applications, providing performance and value to meet key customer requirements. (more…)

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Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd

Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd was incorporated on April 26th 1991 and commenced trading in July 1991 operating initially from a 400m² premises. The standard product lines were exhaust gas...

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Eltek Data Loggers

In Great Britain, CO2 is classified as a ‘substance hazardous to health’. Although CO2 is naturally present in atmospheric air, it is in very low concentrations, which is harmless. At...

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Cambustion: Super sensitive yet ultra-fast NOx measurement for Air Quality/Ambient applications

Cambustion recently developed an ultra-fast response ambient air quality analyzer for measurement of NO and NO2 with a 10-90% rise time of 100 milliseconds and sensitivity down to a few...

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Electrolab Biotech

Electrolab Biotech design and manufacture bench-top scale bioreactor systems for different research and manufacturing sectors. (more…)

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‘Game changing’ 3D digital display technology

Vision Engineering has unveiled a revolutionary digital 3D stereoscopic display technology. Unlike traditional mono digital microscopes, Vision Engineering’s Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) creates stereo high definition 3D images, without using...

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USB data acquisition

The iNET-600 Series A/D module from Omega Engineering provides 16SE/8DI voltage input channels each of which are independently software programmable with Windows software that supports the direct connection to many...

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‘A total service to industry’

Midland Metrology is pleased to mark its 30th anniversary this year, with continued growth and expansion. (more…)

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