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No auction, direct sale: DMG MORI machining centre now available at Surplex

Opportunity for metalworkers: A high quality universal machining centre, the DMG MORI DMU 60 eVo Linear, is available for direct purchase in Newcastle upon Tyne at the used machinery market, Surplex.

This DMG MORI DMU 60 eVo machining centre, now available for direct sale, showcases cutting-edge technology for precision metalworking. (© Surplex).

At, not only features online auctions of used machinery in the metalworking industry and other sectors, but also direct sales. An exceptional universal machining centre has now been added to the portfolio: the DMG MORI DMU 60 eVo Linear. This state-of-the-art machining centre is now available for direct sale. The machine, built in 2019, is located in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Among other features, the DMG MORI DMU 60 eVo machining centre is equipped with the automatic Deckel Maho PH150 pallet loading and unloading system, a chain type tool changer with 30 positions, and the Renishaw OMP60 measuring probe. (© Surplex).

The DMG MORI DMU 60 eVo Linear is a highly advanced universal machining centre. It is part of the DMU eVo series, which has been specially designed for high dynamic 5-axis simultaneous machining, including sophisticated milling, turning, and drilling operations. With its swivelling rotary table and optimised gantry design, it offers not only the highest stability and precision but also an efficient use of available space thanks to good accessibility and a small footprint. The maximum workpiece weight is 400 kg, allowing the processing of heavy components.

The DMG MORI DMU 60 eVo Linear is also equipped with a Renishaw OMP60 probe for measuring the length and diameter of the workpiece. This infrared probe system ensures the highest precision and maximum quality control. Another highlight is the Deckel Maho PH150 pallet loading and unloading system with handling arm and pallet magazine, which adds a valuable automation component to the machining centre. This system addition allows for efficient and automated handling of workpieces, further increasing productivity and flexibility in manufacturing.

Direct sales: An advantage for buyers
The direct sale option at Surplex offers many advantages over the traditional auction method. A key aspect is the transparency and security that comes with a fixed price. In addition, a direct sale allows you to make an immediate purchase decision without having to wait for the outcome of an auction. Surplex uses the direct sale concept when machines of particular quality and significance are involved, or when efficient mediation between seller and buyer is paramount.

Purchase: An advantage for sellers
The offer of the DMG MORI DMU 60 eVo Linear is also an example of the comprehensive service that Surplex provides to sellers. At Surplex, sellers can decide whether Surplex simply markets a machine or purchases it directly. This gives sellers the opportunity to liquidate their equipment quickly and easily. This service is particularly attractive to companies that are restructuring their production, closing down or simply looking for an effective way to dispose of surplus machinery.
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