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PROFINET ecosystem forum: Fast out the gate

Well, apparently we’re on to something here!

With the total PROFINET node count coming in at close to 60 million nodes by the end of 2022, it’s safe to say at this point in 2023 the grand total has surpassed 70 million – and therefore the venerable PROFIBUS. It’s no wonder then that there’s a large contingent of people enjoying the newly-built site focused solely on the PROFINET technology. And PI is here supporting them.

Backed by the experts, the PROFINET ecosystem forum is a great place to start or continue your PROFINET journey. Moderated by the technologists that work with the protocol day-in and day-out, a fast and thorough response is assured.

Some topics that have organically appeared and are being discussed:
• “PROFINET as a software solution”
• “ASIC vs. FPGA”
• “Memory footprint”
• “PROFIdrive implementation”
• “ETS Board”
• “PROFINET certification”

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