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Pulling power boost

Kobus Services, a firm specialising in utility pipeline replacement technology, has launched its 400 Series Pipe Puller, which is said to provide a state-of-the-art solution for quickly and effectively removing and replacing service pipes.

The system requires two excavation holes, no larger than 1m x 1m, to extract an old pipe while towing in the new replacement. Up to 25m of galvanised iron, copper, lead or poly pipe can be easily replaced in a single pull (for diameters up to 1¼ in).

The 400 Series is designed to operate from the auxiliary hydraulics of a mini excavator. It is said to provide greater pulling power and efficiency improvements for contractors. The unique spool design makes removal of the pipe from the spool after extraction quicker and easier, while the rotatable foot means the puller can be positioned in any direction to suit excavator access.

Simon Drain, Managing Director of Kobus Services, commented, “Capable of replacing all types of service pipes, including galvanised iron, much faster than more traditional methods, the 400 Series Pipe Puller is ideal for cross road applications and replacement programmes. With a number of new features and capabilities, the new system is our most advanced pipe pulling solution yet. Designed in partnership with some of the UK’s leading utility companies, we’re confident that our new model will prove popular with contractors nationwide.”

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