The Italian company based in Bergamo (Lombardy) opens a new branch in London with four UK based team members, launching the brand-new platform, which can act as an automated data analyst, and accessible to all SMEs.

Pink Elephant Group specialises in recycled clothing and the re-use of household textiles, clothing, shoes, accessories such as handbags, bric-a-brac, commercial textile and other small household items. The company currently operates textile bank collections and recycling schemes across the country. These textile banks are bright pink in colour, to match the company name and brand.

In Great Britain, CO2 is classified as a ‘substance hazardous to health’. Although CO2 is naturally present in atmospheric air, it is in very low concentrations, which is harmless. At higher concentrations, CO2 can cause dizziness, headaches and a loss of consciousness. Because CO2 has a greater density than Oxygen and Nitrogen, and because people […]