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New features and improvements to popular cone and plate viscometer

After much research and listening to valuable feedback from a host of customers worldwide and ATAC have incorporated many enhancements to their Nµline viscometer. (more…)

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Peak Scientific introduces new GC Gas Calculator

Peak Scientific, the global leader in gas generation for analytical laboratories, has created a unique online calculation tool to help laboratories which use Gas Chromatography (GC) to quickly find the...

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Liquid FTIR transmission analysis

The new Pearl liquid analyser from Specac is the easiest-to-use liquids analyser on the market. It makes liquid FTIR transmission analysis simpler, easier and faster to complete than traditional methods....

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Making Progress: The Developments in Freeze Drying Red Blood Cells

Preserving Blood – Why we need to look at new options Blood transfusions have been used successfully since the early 1900s, and blood banks have been in use since 1914....

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