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New features and improvements to popular cone and plate viscometer

After much research and listening to valuable feedback from a host of customers worldwide and ATAC have incorporated many enhancements to their Nµline viscometer.

The Nµline is a self calibrating, highly adaptable ‘at-Line’ instrument designed to give you a cost effective and robust option between delicate laboratory instruments and the lower end ‘Go-No-Go’ type viscosity measurement devices currently on the market.

These improvements and enhancements include extra modes to enhance the instrument’s level of flexibility. Legacy mode and low speed modes permits and maintains the speed settings featured on the previous generation REL instrument. The low speed mode (5-90rpm) can be adjusted to 01 .rpm if desired. Further improvements means both the temperature and display is flexible to 0.1ºC increments. There has also been further enhancement to the cone accuracy via the calibration by cone size, as well as a security code feature enabling protection of the instrument settings and configurations. The PC interface software now includes an enhanced functionality with the added benefits of graph zoom in and storage, with minimum and maximum viscosity displayed.

Nµline is a highly ubiquitous and well regarded in the petrochemical sector.

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