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Built-in sustainability

Business and Industry Today is incredibly proud to feature Oriam Green Ltd as its well-regarded Specialist Product Distributor of the Month.

OriamGreen_295_07The company, which was set up in 2010, was founded by its current directors, John O’Reilly and Craig MacWilliam. The business partners formed the enterprise in the belief that there was a gap in the market for a hard-wearing and long-lasting paper-based board used in multiple advertising applications; the result was the advancement of a forward-thinking organisation renowned for its provision of a first-rate product (completely unique in the marketplace) named Re-board.

“Before Re-board, there was no other such construction available, and Craig and I really acknowledged the need for the distribution of an exceptionally strong board across the British Isles,” John explained. “Ever since our establishment we have gone from strength to strength: despite being a niche provider of one particular product we have found there is no match for it in the industry.”

OriamGreen_295_08Oriam Green has a strong international presence courtesy of its strategically placed office and logistics facilities, situated in both Manchester (UK) and Dublin (Ireland). Further growth is anticipated with the launch of its American premises which is due to be in full operation from 1st January 2016. The building, located in New York, will help to introduce the much-loved product to this particular geographical market, delighting customers aplenty with its great practicality and effortless simplicity.

OriamGreen_295_10Re-board, which is meticulously manufactured in Sweden by Stora Enso Reboard AB (part of the global Stora Enso Group), is unlike any other product currently available in the market simply because there is no other paper-based sandwich construction like it. Duly dubbed the strongest paperboard in the world, the patented innovation is much more effective than its honeycomb and plastic alternatives and is 80% lighter than MDF.

Re-board features a distinctive engineered fluted core with an embedded moisture barrier which protects the centre with its durable, non-harmful and flexible qualities. Providing thermal insulation, the material retains its physical properties regardless of environmental conditions, making it well suited to a whole host of applications. In addition, its utilisation of water-based adhesives means it is 100% recyclable and its form ensures sheets can be swiftly cut into any conceivable shape.

OriamGreen_295_11“Our premium board is manufactured differently – the special liner inside makes it really robust,” John detailed. “The material is of superior strength, as it has the ability to bend and fold time and time again without any problems. Our years of experience in the sector have enabled us to provide a board that can be effectively used for marketing and POS purposes; we are pleased to say the Re-board has been well received amongst customers.”

OriamGreen_295_12The easy-to-install and rapidly removable product has proven to be most effective at last minute events, expositions, trade shows, tours and retail stores. The lightweight board can be used for displays, exposition walls & furniture, signage, stages, window displays, TV sets, backdrops, construction, shop fitting, complete shop-in-shops and Point of Sale (POS). To date, Oriam Green has finalised over 9,000 projects, incorporating the Re-board into a variety of locations around the world.

The distributor of Re-board and associated accessories offers a variety of services alongside the actual product itself: clients can also make full use of the team’s impressive global networking base as well as its specialist manufacturing, converting and training capabilities. The company’s main aim is to make life easier for businesses everywhere; solving countless problems with an easily adjustable and eco-friendly board that can be printed and cut as appropriate to slot seamlessly into all kinds of applications.

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