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CheckedSafe announces a monumental partnership with Network Rail

CheckedSafe, the UK’s leading provider of vehicle compliance and fleet management, are proud to announce a landmark partnership with Network Rail.

After almost four years of meticulous planning, bespoke development and negotiation, the partnership officially commenced in January this year – and stands as CheckedSafe’s most expansive client relationship yet.

Network Rail, the owner of Britain’s vast railway infrastructure spanning over 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges, tunnels, viaducts, and thousands of signals, encompasses a staggering 650 railway stations nationwide. Their decision to partner with CheckedSafe underscores the Burnley-based software company’s capability to cater to complex, large-scale operations – and strengthens their reputation as an industry leader.

Marking a monumental achievement for CheckedSafe, this partnership sees their Fleet Management app now utilised by over 44,000 unique Network Rail employees across a fleet of over 10,000+ vehicles, placing the award-winning SaaS platform at the forefront of Network Rail’s vehicle compliance.

The collaboration has also resulted in the creation of numerous custom features and bespoke development. Among these new solutions is an NFC keyring system designed to offer a secure and efficient user identification mechanism for Network Rail’s extensive 44,000 person workforce. This allows for seamless access to individual CheckedSafe app profiles across a variety of devices without the need for cumbersome email and password login methods.

To ensure the fleet management portal works sufficiently for such a large organisation, CheckedSafe have also developed a unique API software that allows Network Rail greater segmentation and insight into their nationwide network of vehicles – as well as numerous other bespoke features.

CheckedSafe’s Darran Harris elaborates on the scale of the project, “This isn’t just a big project for us; it’s an ever-evolving and unique partnership. It’s fundamentally about changing driver behaviour to ensure our roads are the safest they can be. We’ve risen to the challenges of managing one of the UK’s most extensive vehicle fleets by devising tailored solutions, unique new app functions and developing specialised API software.”

However, the technological advancements from this collaboration are not just about innovation but also about fulfilling a larger responsibility. Not only does the partnership strengthen Network Rail’s compliance, but it bolsters their commitment to road safety and accountability, supporting their long-term vision of having one of the safest vehicle fleets within the UK.