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Clivet launches free-cooling SPINchiller3

The reliability and payback of multi-scroll liquid chillers is now available in a free-cooling version for applications that require chilled water even in wintertime.
SPINchiller3 Free-cooling are high efficiency air-cooled liquid chillers for outdoor installation (cooling capacity from 260kW to 675kW) for applications that require cooling even in wintertime, such as:

  • Data centres and server rooms to dissipate the heat produced by processors
  • Telecommunications to dissipate the heat produced by electric and electronic devices
  • Industrial processes to cool process liquids
  • Shopping centres to dissipate the heat produced by people

In these situations cooling load is a major expense, therefore being able to use the low outdoor temperature to generate part of the cooling capacity free of charge, SPINchiller3 FC, enables notable annual energy consumption savings, up to 40% in harsh climates.

Multi-scroll compressor technology provides seasonal energy efficiency equal to that of chillers with inverter compressors (ESEER 4.5) with a much lower initial investment and payback period of typically less than three years.

The Excellence version of SPINchiller3 FC satisfies prerequisites 2 and 3 of the Energy and Atmosphere section and meets Credit 4 Parameters (Enhanced Refrigerant Management), helping to obtain LEED Certification for buildings.

SPINchiller3 FC is functionally tested in the factory and all necessary installation components are integrated, reducing the installer’s work to the electrical & hydraulic connections.

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