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COPA-DATA announces zenon Energy Day 2019: Exploring the latest in energy automation

Held at Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum, COPA-DATA will host its second annual zenon Energy Day on Thursday 9 May 2019. The event will explore how control and monitoring technology can be used to improve operations in the sector, through a series of talks from industry representatives. Attendance is free but spaces are limited, therefore attendees are encouraged to secure their space on the COPA-DATA website.

COPA-DATA plans to provide an in-depth analysis of best practices for the industry, including a focus on distributed energy resource management (DERMs) and distributed management systems (DMS).

“Britain’s energy sector is changing rapidly,” explained Martyn Williams, managing director of COPA-DATA UK. “As a nation, we’ve set ourselves ambitious renewable energy targets, and the industry needs to embrace new technologies to make reaching these targets an achievable goal. At this year’s energy day, we’re demonstrating exactly how technology can be used to improve the control and monitoring of energy facilities.”

Attendees are encouraged to register their interest in advance on the COPA-DATA website at:

For further details on the zenon Energy Day 2019 or more information on zenon as a software platform for energy, contact the COPA-DATA UK team on +44 (0)29 2032 9175.