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Game-changing High Speed Eco Pumps demonstrate dilution pump evolution

Quantex™ is synonymous with game-changing liquid dispense solutions. As the premium leading brand for recyclable positive displacement pump technology, the focus has been on saving carbon emissions and sustainable products for some time now. This year sees Quantex showcasing samples of its upcoming exclusive new range of High-Speed Eco-Pumps, which work three times faster than standardised pumps.

Dr Paul Pankhurst, Quantex founder, heralded a new chapter when he invented the first Quantex alternative to the traditional peristaltic pump. Following subsequent meticulous research and development over the years, Quantex brought out a succession of highly successful off-the-shelf recyclable pumps, all with varying flow-rate continuums.

Quantex was acquired by PSG, an operating company of Dover Corporation and joined 13 other specialised pump and flow measurement brands. Following the highly successful acquisition, Quantex now works from its European headquarters in Duisburg, western Germany, sharing the state-of-the-art facilities with established PSG brands: Quattroflow, Almatec, and Hydro. The original Quantex UK central London office and dedicated manufacturing plant in High Wycombe, Northwest of London remain fully operational.

From its enterprising, innovative roots to exciting collaborative culture ethos, Quantex has continued to pave the way in recyclable pump technology. The full range of pumps: micro-dosing, low-flow, bag-in-box and high-flow are now followed by numbers signalling the pump’s estimated maximum litre flow rate per hour. This semantical re-branding helps customers find the ideal pump quickly and conveniently.

The high-speed/eco-pumps run across the low-flow, bag-in-box and high-flow pump ranges: QX60-HS pump, QX150-HS pump and QX265-HS pump respectively. The eco-pumps can be recycled and come with an additional 12% weight reduction.

The standard and dilution pumps formed a seal through a silicone rubber spring that squeezed the membrane against the rotor of the pump. Some dedicated previous customers were able to successfully recycle these pumps, but it was not the most straight-forward process. The silicone needed separating from the polyolefin through grinding and flotation techniques.

The silicone spring has been completely removed in the new High-Speed Eco-pumps, using air pressure instead, to seal the membrane to the rotor. The empty silicone spring chamber is sealed, the exception being the inlet from the dilution port. A low-cost air pump is connected to the port, applying air pressure to seal simultaneously, as the Eco pump dispenses. There is a small nitrile rubber lipseal, (comprising only 3% of the pump weight) the remaining 97% polyolefin thermoplastic material is fully recyclable.

We caught up with Gillian Harding-Moore, Director of Global Marketing, to find out more, “Our new High-Speed Eco Pumps are an exciting development for 2023. These new pumps ingeniously use air pressure to activate the diaphragm and seal the pumps instead of a silicone spring, making them more easily recycled, and they run at superior rates: almost three times as fast as our standard or high-pressure pumps.

“We are also delighted that, in partnership with sister brand, Quattroflow, Quantex is moving into the Biopharma industry: providing low-shear micro-dosing capacity for cell and gene therapy as well as laboratory and upstream bioprocessing, helping provide future genetic therapies. It is great to see our pumps supporting in this important research.”

Alongside the Biopharma industry, Quantex is looking to collaborate with sister PSG brands in Industrial Cleaning, Agriculture and Retail.

The High-Speed Eco Pumps have already proved to be of popular interest across many sectors and Quantex has already seen a phenomenal doubling of pump production since 2021. The Bag-in-Box pump production will benefit from an additional automated assembly line and in-house sales forecasters are looking at a further tripling of pump production this year alone.

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