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Hygiene Trio join forces

Danish food hygiene equipment expert joins forces with Warrington hygiene solution provider Christeyns Food Hygiene and application partner H&M Disinfection Systems Ltd, to offer a unique turnkey solution.

The leading family-owned supplier of detergents and disinfectants, Christeyns Food Hygiene, has joined forces in a tri-partner initiative with specialist producers of world-renowned equipment manufacturer Foamico and hygiene equipment specialists H&M Disinfection. This partnership provides the confidence that hygiene operations need to deliver world-class cleaning in the demanding food, dairy and beverage industries from design and supply to effective cleaning and disinfection.

For over 30 years Christeyns Food Hygiene has produced effective formulations of detergents and disinfectants for all applications in the food, dairy and beverage industries with customers from across a range of household consumer brands and suppliers to the UK’s food retailers. As part of family-owned Belgium parent company, Christeyns NV, the firm draws on the expertise and knowledge of a multi-national team of experts.

Foamico is an independent manufacturer of superior cleaning solutions in the food, dairy and beverage industries. Its core business is to develop, manufacture and deliver reliable & efficient cleaning solutions for surface and open plant cleaning worldwide. Operating in 50 countries, Foamico’s key focus in on food safety with a reputation for innovation and reliability. Having worked with CFH for three decades, H&M Disinfection Ltd have built a reputation for providing high quality, bespoke hygiene application equipment which is the cornerstone of many customer’s food safety management systems. The partnership was formalised last year to provide customers with a more stream-lined service in the provision of top-quality formulations and equipment.