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Used machinery auction following closure of a large valve production

To respond to market changes, the metalworking industry is constantly under the necessity of making adjustments. This includes the regrettable closure of production facilities, such as the recent one of a large valve manufacturer in Kreuztal, Germany. The operational inventory will be auctioned off on the 17/01/24 through the online auction house Surplex.

Metalworking in transition: The industry continually adapts to new challenges. High-quality machines enter the used machinery market from factory closures and restructurings. (© Surplex)

As a result of the closure of this large valve plant in Kreuztal, Germany, specialised metalworking machines are up for auction. The facilities used for the production of high-quality metal products are being auctioned through Surplex, the online auction house for industrial goods. The auction ends on the 17/01/24 and includes around 350 items. Highlights include:

  • SCHARMANN bench drill
  • 3-roll bending machine by SMT and 4-roll sheet metal bending machine by STÖLTING
  • BOEHRINGER cycle lathe
  • Combined paint spraying and drying booth by LUTRO
  • ESAB UP welding system

In addition, various workshop equipment and machine accessories are available.

The auction offers a wide range of proven metalworking machines, supplemented by specialised machines like this ESAB UP welding system. (© Surplex)

Interested parties can arrange viewing appointments.

Adjustments in Metalworking
“The metalworking industry is a sector particularly faced with constant changes,” explains Dennis Pawlin, project manager at Surplex. “When the decision is made to close a location, it’s tragic for the local economy.” However, every disadvantage has an advantage: as a result of such market adjustments, high-quality used machines come onto the market. Valuable resources, such as special machines and equipment, can then be acquired at a reasonable price. Pawlin adds, “The equipment from Kreuztal and the extensive machine accessories offer an excellent opportunity for interested parties. There is significant interest in the auction. Last December, we had an exceptionally high number of registrations for the auction.”

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