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Zetamotion: Innovative AI-driven Quality Control as a Service (QCaaS) provider

Zetamotion is a groundbreaking, innovative AI-driven Quality Control as a Service (QCaaS) provider. Our QCaaS platform is designed to assist manufacturers in automating their quality control processes at scale.

UK manufacturers spend up to 40% of their sales revenues on quality control (QC), a staggering amount every year. To reduce these costs, companies have begun to adopt digital tools, such as real-time data from automated QC systems and advanced analytics. However, a recent survey found that only 30% of manufacturers have adopted these technologies. This puts the remainder at risk of falling behind in the global shift towards Industry 4.0. Unfortunately, many of these adopters are hitting the ceiling on the capabilities of the solutions they have invested in. Current automated QC tools can be inflexible, do not scale and are often expensive, making it difficult to keep up with changing product designs and customer demands.

In our discussions with clients, we have often seen this reflected in their ‘burnt ground’ stories. ‘Yes, we tried computer vision. It did not go very well…’

What is often not delivered is the ‘last mile,’ the push from an easily attainable 80% accuracy rate to a far more demanding 99%+, which is orders of magnitude more challenging yet essential for manufacturers.

Our approach is inherently different. Unlike many faceless tools available for download, engaging with Zetamotion means partnering with a team of real people, who understand and address your pain points and work towards achieving your goals. This relationship-focused approach ensures a smooth onboarding process and ongoing support tailored to the ever-evolving manufacturing and QC landscapes.

As hardware-agnostic as is feasible, we interface with existing network and IoT infrastructure to be part of the overall production solution. We are very much aware of our customers and manufacturers in general security consciousness and Intellectual Property rights concerns, which is why our QCaaS platform operates all inspection fully on premises.

Our innovative and patented AI platform was designed from the ground up to be scalable, adaptable, and flexible. New products, new materials, and modified designs can be rapidly onboarded and put into production in as little as 24 hours, without asking manufacturers to amass thousands of images and data points per product variant and months of machine learning/training and fine-tuning.

By leveraging our novel AI machine-learning techniques and our synthetic data approach, Zetamotion can effectively handle diverse materials and products, including those with non-uniform appearances or low production volumes.

Zetamotion reduces QC time by as much as 95%+, achieving a 99%+ accuracy in defect identification from the onset. This leads to up to a 50% improvement in product yield and operational cost reduction, while also cutting waste by over half – a substantial contribution to national sustainability goals. This comprehensive approach ensures manufacturers not only realise increased yield and reduced waste but also optimise the deployment of skilled labour.

In the shifting sands of the manufacturing sector, Zetamotion emerges as a stable and innovative partner. Our AI-driven QCaaS platform not only improves and streamlines the QC process, it allows for greater quality output and valuable process insights whilst also aligning with manufacturers’ sustainability goals, offering a win-win solution for manufacturers aiming for efficiency and environmental responsibility. By opting for Zetamotion, their Quality Control Partner of choice, manufacturers are not just adopting a tool but embracing a service dedicated to production health, growth and improvement.