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Bespoke power screws

Kingston Engineering produces bespoke power screws in material and lengths that suit specific application demands.

The company has been manufacturing right hand/left hand, single multi-start, cut thread power transmission screws and nuts for over 60 years, and currently offers a full range of thread forms suitable for mechanical power transmission.

Standard screw products are manufactured from specially produced precision ground carbon steel. In addition, all parts are manufactured under a quality regime and subject to final inspection before dispatch, working to ISO 9001 –2015 accreditation.

Kingston power screws are used on the Gripen, a supersonic multi-role/swing-role fighter jet, which has been in service with the Swedish Air Force since 1997. Here the company provided exacting specialist screw threads, which are powering Gripen’s retractable fuel probe as part of the fighter’s air to air refuelling capability.

Kingston Engineering also offers a full component reclamation and enhancement service. Typical applications where reclamation and enhancement should be considered are for expensive components that are mainly serviceable but with localised wear; components required for quick replacement, but are only available on extended delivery; components where worn areas may be reclaimed and also enhanced with harder, more durable materials for longer service life and reduced downtime.

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