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Dianceht offers hyper-realistic prostheses

Business and Industry Today endeavours to bring our readers the most innovative and ground-breaking companies in business. As a result, we are pleased to announce as this issue’s Medical Company of the Month, Dianceht for its care and dedication to bringing customers products that better their quality of life.

The difference a well-constructed aesthetic prosthesis can make to a person’s life is immeasurable. Being confident, as well as being comfortable with yourself and your body is integral to living and maintaining a quality of life that goes beyond simply being adequate, however finding external prosthetics that achieve both of these things is often a painstakingly challenging task.

Mexican company Dianceht, founded in 2005, is dedicated to offering its clients prosthetic solutions that exceed the standard of similar companies’ products.

The silicon based, hand crafted products offered by Dianceht are hyper-realistic – to the extent that differentiating between the prosthetic and real body part is nigh on impossible.

By basing all of the prosthesis on silicone as opposed to carbon chains, the prosthesis don’t dissolve in organic solvents such as acetones, alcohol, gasoline and grease (as well as many more) and remain resistant to notably high temperatures. Along with these benefits, the silicone based material used has elastic properties and superior breaking resistance, rendering the prosthesis as durable as they are aesthetic.

The prosthesis can be attached in a variety of ways, each depending on the exact specifications of the customer. The most common method used in the application of the prosthesis is the suction method. The method involves the prosthesis being placed over the stump and a light vacuum being formed between the plastic and the skin which keeps the prostheses firmly in place without being loosened by the everyday tasks required of the limb in question.

Dianceht focuses mainly on fingers, hands, arms, external ears, toes, noses and skin patches (if conditions permit). Each prosthetic is custom made for each client which ensures that the product is perfectly matched to the size, shape and skin tone of the customer. This is vital to maintaining aesthetic balance and plays a major role in helping the client integrate themselves comfortably and confidently into social and professional environments.

The company has in the last two years seen exponential growth since a video (many of which can be found on the company website) went viral two years ago. After having the video circulate internet and social media platforms relentlessly Dianceht saw business boom, and was forced to take on more staff and subsequently has expanded considerably.

The expansion Dianceht has seen has enabled the company to better the lives of a far larger range of people, as well as giving the company access to the resources needed to maximise production and application, as long as the quality of the pieces nor guest service is not lessened nor negatively affected.

Looking to the future, the company plans on expanding on a global scale with plans to open European offices including in the UK (Brexit permitting) as well as in various other locations across Asia and the Middle East.

Dianceht isn’t simply out to make profit; the company is committed to bringing its customers routes to better living and wellbeing. This attitude alongside the quality of products is what has cemented Dianceht as one of the most innovative and successful companies in its respective field.

For more information on Dianceht, visit the website or call the number listed below.

T +0052 33 3686 2066