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Expert shredders keep the nation shredding

Sustainability Today is delighted to award Mach Tech Services with our coveted Recycling Shredders Company of the Month Award for outstanding waste recycling shredders.

Mach Tech Services was founded in 2004 by Managing Director, Joe Hoyle, Operating Director, David Ingham, and the late Colin Wood, as a service company for industrial shredding machinery. One of its partnerships is with Austrian company Lindner Recyclingtech; this leading specialist business offers award-winning Lindner machines to recycling industry sectors. Mach Tech can supply static shredders, plants and mobile shredders to businesses.

The waste recycling sector is under scrutiny as the UK moves rapidly towards a more sustainable future. Plastic film made of polyethylene and polypropylene is often the villain in recycling, with its short product life cycle accounting for at least 40% of global waste. There is a need for efficient, robust plastic recycling and the latest Lindner Jupiter BW shredder is the best model on the market: the Superhero of shredders.

Showcasing the Lindner Jupiter BW at the K 2022 Düsseldorf Expo, Lindner Recyclingtech proudly demonstrated the shredder’s prowess to interested delegates. The latest Jupiter series expertly handles plastic film recycling for downstream NIR sorting processes. This primary shredder has a powerful countershaft drive that releases powerful rotational energy, meaning less overall energy is consumed. This precision-driven machine has a long service life, with minimal maintenance costs, making this a smart investment. With robust duo cutting counter knives and scrapers cutting plastic film into A4/A3 sizes, this is a state-of-the-art shredder for rigid plastic films. The new Jupiter BW is fitted with mesh screens, easily accessible for manually adjusting to different sizes.

Mach Tech has an impressive 27,000ft2 facility at its headquarters in Oldham, Greater Manchester. The premises has a world-leading parts facility, storing everything from nuts, bolts, washers to cutting tools. With an unrivalled range of parts for shredding machinery across the UK, Mach Tech is a one-stop shop for all your shredding needs. Within the facility, are fully operational servicing and fabrication workshops, paint shop and a dedicated sale and customer care team.

We caught up with Lorenza Falcini to find out more, “Mach Tech has always been a service inspired shredder specialist business and the sole arm of pioneers Lindner recycling tech for the UK.

“We supply static shredders & plants and mobile shredders. Our products range across alternative fuel solid recovered fuels (SRF), refuse derived fuels (RDF), waste wood, plastics, paper and metals recycling.

“We are able to offer the complete solution for all shredding needs, from consultation to installation, repair, & maintenance, all carried out by a team of experienced and dedicated recycling industry engineering and sales specialists.”

In addition to the Lindner range, Mach Tech remanufacture machines, giving extra life to equipment, helping businesses maintain equipment in the manufacturing supply chain for longer. With full servicing and repair, available on Lindner and all other shredders across the UK and Ireland from expert engineers, Mach Tech have deservedly earnt the reputation as a complete solution waste recycling shredder business. No job is too small or large, with the fully equipped parts facility range.

The award-winning Lindner range is robust and reliable, offering companies peace of mind that these shredders can recycle quickly and safely. The Jupiter BW has a torque-limiting clutch, quickly protecting against drive unit damage, when foreign objects obstruct. Precision-driven sensors guide the controlled powering down of the shredder to safeguard components.

Mach Tech is committed to excellent design engineering and has added a precision engineering department to its Oldham facility, Lorenza tells us more, “We have a long-established department at HQ dedicated to precision engineering.

“From involvement in projects at the design stage to tool design and manufacture, and even mass-produced component parts, our engineers’ vast experience allows us to share with our clients bespoke advice regarding the material used, design and production, as well as problem solving.

“Having our own in-house precision shop also allows us to manufacture parts for shredding machines if and when required.”

Mach Tech has an impeccable record for recruiting and retaining excellent staff, as demonstrated through its dedicated mobile machinery sales staff: on hand for any queries or support across the mobile machinery sector. Lorenza was also proud to tell us about the apprenticeship scheme, “After a two year apprenticeship scheme, our first apprentice is now working with us as a trained Mechanical Engineer. With the added bonus of being trained directly from Lindner as well.

“By training the next generation of engineers, we are continuing to offer the same dedication to service and products that are unrivalled in quality and endurance.”

Alongside the Oldham facility, there is a sales office covering the southern sales and customer care area, offering quality specialist advice and support across all sectors. Mach Tech prides itself on offering outstanding customer service, as Lorenza outlines, “We have an open-door policy which allows interested parties onto our existing customers’ sites to see our products in application and gives the freedom to speak to existing customers about the product and our services that we provide.”

Hamilton Waste and Recycling in Scotland is a leading recycling business and needed a shredder for mixed waste on its site, they were delighted with the Lindner shredder provided by Mach Tech, as Hamilton Waste and Recycling Manager, Ken Chrystal, elaborated, “It’s now more important to us than ever to invest in the best technology, which can keep up with the pace at which our business is growing. Mach-Tech Services and Lindner Shredders fit well with our practice. We look for overall reliability in a machine, limited downtime and long-lasting wear parts and we feel that our Lindner shredders have lived up to exactly what we were sold.”

The Hamilton Waste and Recycling team rated the professionalism of Mach Tech from the initial sales enquiry, through to expert installation and dedicated after-sales team.

Mach Tech endeavours to work at only the highest-level: always offering consummate professionalism and compliance.

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