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MaxiFlow 30-C

Introducing the MaxiFlow 30-C Nitrogen Gas Generator: the latest offering in its high-spec equipment portfolio. MaxiFlow 30-C is a medium flow, medium purity Nitrogen generating system, with an integrated air compressor, making it an all-in-one ‘plug & play’ option. Perfect for areas where space is limited, but reliability is crucial.

Designed to deliver flow rates of nitrogen from 15 to 30l/min, this generator is able to transform compressed air from its integrated compressor into 99.99% Nitrogen, eliminating cylinders from the workplace and offering a consistent and dependable alternative.

Nitrogen is produced by Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology and users benefit from low service costs and long product life.

In addition to our nitrogen generator range, we also supply world class air dryers and air treatment products for a range of systems and needs.

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