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Mimaki 3D printing brings colour to the ‘beauty’ of anatomy

What do anatomy and 3D printing have in common? As the science that studies the shape and structure of the human body, over the centuries anatomy has been the basis of medical and scientific knowledge and remains the common thread running through the training and professional development of every doctor. The focus of this discipline is to investigate and consequently produce figurative representations of the morphology of the human body, with a degree of realism and accuracy that has played – and continues to play – a crucial role in ensuring effective teaching and the dissemination of anatomical knowledge. And this is precisely where 3D printing comes in as a state-of-the-art technology that could mark a turning point in the anatomical representation of the human body.

A major step forward in this direction was made in a recent Italian project involving the University of Florence and Bompan, Mimaki’s exclusive Italian importer, which leverages the passion, skills and determination of a team of visionary doctors and researchers, and the full colour and photorealistic capability of Mimaki’s 3D printing technology.

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