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OnePlastics enter the RTP Market with their Patented OneNest Bale Arm Tray range

The OnePlastic Group has a specific focus: to be the leading manufacturer of plastic products in the sectors it operates within. They are now the largest non-automotive moulder in the UK, and one of the top five in Europe.

The company’s knowledge base and established infrastructure has allowed OPG to become an exciting new player in the nesting bale arm tray market with the introduction of its OneNest range. Stephen Goodland, Industrial Products Business Development Manager commented, “Our business already has over 10 years’ experience producing materials handling and returnable transit packaging products for a number of major suppliers and end users. The option to now buy directly from the UK manufacturer offers a compelling and competitive commercial and service proposition for our OneNest customers. We are in effect shortening and streamlining the procurement process, offering faster direct communication and greater flexibility should short lead times be required.”

The ‘OneNest’ range of Nesting (stackable) Bale Arm Trays is currently available in three variants- a 35 litre Standard Tray, 14.5 litre Standard Half Tray and 46 litre Deep Tray. There is also a patented option for a two-height position for the bale arm, allowing different stacking heights.

This latest venture of the group centres on a proven ability to move ‘upstream’ in the supply chain, already supplying directly into very large UK based customers. Strong working partnerships are backed by state-of-the-art facilities, production scheduling software and quality systems, as well as a range of logistical solutions. This allows them to achieve enhanced On Time in Full (OTIF) delivery performance for their customers; having everything ‘in-house’ providing greater control.

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