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Redefining digital education

We are happy to announce that Erase All Kittens has been named as this issue’s educational Company of the Month for their highly innovative, education changing and interactive learning tool.

Erase All Kittens is a revolutionary educational game that combines coding languages with story driven gameplay. It was first founded back in August 2014 by Dee Saigal, an advertising creative, Alex Dytrych, a developer, and Leonie Van Der Linde, an illustrator. Based in Hackney, London, E.A.K was established with the aim to bring coding into the mainstream and to help reduce the gender gap in tech, helping educate and motivate young girls to gain an interest in technology. CEO & Creative Director, Dee Saigal, said, “E.A.K’s highly gamified and story-driven approach and its lesson plans provide teachers with an easier and more efficient method of delivering code education.”

The learning tool is designed for children aged 8-13 and introduces them to coding and learning ‘real-world’ languages, such as HTML. For teachers, it is an extremely helpful tool that helps students to learn via a stimulating and fun method, akin to Super Mario, that keeps them engaged. So far, it teaches basic HTML syntax and how to create links, as well as having huge focus on creativity and critical thinking.

E.A.K. is a vastly important tool, getting children motivated and interested in technology and the digital world. The team believe that children need to be inspired and better prepared for 21st Century degrees and careers. As such, it is important they eliminate a certain ‘technophobia’ present in young people, children, and especially girls who believe that coding is too complex or ‘more for boys.’ E.A.K’s advanced educational gaming tool has been shown to inspire students aged 8+ to become coders, researchers, designers, problem solvers, team builders and above all, as best equipped as they can be at a young age, to thrive in the 21st Century.

E.A.K. is highly popular among schools, with clients in independent schools, girls’ schools and academies in the UK, America and Canada. Through word of mouth alone, E.A.K. has amassed over 120,000 engaged, learning and inspired students around the world. E.A.K. offers free lesson plans supporting the KS2 and KS3 computing curriculum, and stands out from their competitors by offering unique features for the students, letting them ‘build and fix’ throughout the game as a learning method. The team are currently developing an E.A.K. iPad app to teach HTML, CSS and Javascript skills, working in partnership with Playerthree, an award-winning games development company, based in London.

Dee explained, “Right now, there is a huge gap between children learning the concepts of coding and being able to create, on the web. It has also been shown the biggest drop-off in interest is after the age of eleven. We plan to inspire both girls and boys aged 8+ by teaching them professional skills – eventually showing them how to build their own simple websites. Our mission is to show young children how to apply the new practical skills they have learnt, in a creative way, and also to inspire girls to code and enter STEM-related careers.”

The E.A.K. team partnered with MIT this month, after winning their global Solve challenge in the areas of ‘Women and Tech’ and ‘Arts and Culture.

If you would like to get in touch with Erase All Kittens, or if you know of a child, school, teacher or parent who would be interested in this highly innovative learning tool and could benefit from coding, get in touch with the information below.

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