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Travel the London Underground like a local with Best Tube To

Business and Industry Today is pleased to select Best Tube To as our Travel Guide Company of the Month. Best Tube To truly is doing amazing work in helping people from all walks of life navigate the confusing and fast-paced world of the London Underground system, while keeping travellers up to date with what’s going on around the city on their social media!

It’s a safe bet to say that almost all, if not all of our readers have, at least once, visited the bustling and magical capital city of England: the Big Smoke (that’s London). It is also likely that everyone who has visited London has had to, at some point, use the London Underground system, or as it is better known: the Tube, total 249 miles of sprawling track, twisting and turning connecting the four corners of London.

While the Tube is really quite an impressive spectacle, whichever way you look at it; from an engineering viewpoint, logistically, and how it is staffed and kept running so efficiently, it has to be said: navigating the London Underground can be a deeply confusing endeavour. Even the sight of the iconic tube map can be known to induce dread in the most seasoned of travellers. I must admit, when I first travelled to London the entire experience left me puzzled; the labyrinth of walkways and tunnels in stations; changing stations; finding the right exits and entrances. Even if you know the London Underground like the back of your hand, the entire experience can be a giant stress with the often considerable congestion (last year Transport for London recorded over 500,000 journeys in a single day).

This is where Best Tube To come in, the family run company established in 2017 putting an end to the confusion often associated with London Underground travel. The team at Best Tube To have created an extremely useful mobile-friendly website, available in nine languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, and Arabic), with the aim of giving users easy to understand and straightforward directions for travel on the London Underground. Oh, and it is absolutely free! The user needs only to input their outward tube station and their desired tube station destination and the platform gives the user all the information they need to get from one station to another. This includes directions around the stations themselves, where to wait on the platform, how many stops there are until the desired destination is reached, and the accessibility of the stations (including information regarding lifts and how many stairs are to be climbed in each station).

Even better, the team at Best Tube To are releasing an app very soon, allowing users even more ease in travelling across London. With 50,000 tourists visiting London every day, Best Tube To is absolutely the ideal solution, especially given the range of languages Best Tube To is available in. If you ever plan on using the London Underground, this is the platform for you, saving the user both time and allowing for a peace of mind – something you can’t put a price on!

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