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Burg-Wächter boasts range of ECB.S certified safes

If you’re looking to offer your customers the very best security for their most treasured valuables, look no further than the range of safes offered by leading security company, Burg-Wächter. Undergoing rigorous testing, these safes have been tested by VdS and accredited by ECB.S to offer relentless protection against burglars and on specific models, fire as well. They are available with a variety of locking systems to suit both private and commercial use.

Superb protection and high protection grades
Burg-Wächter boasts a wide range of safes, so you can be sure to find something for each customer. The range includes freestanding safes, fire safes, as well as hotel safes, with the option of either a traditional key lock, electronic combination lock, or electronic combination lock with a fingerprint reader available on specific models. Tested by VdS and certified by ECB.S, Burg-Wächter offers certified safes meeting £4k to £100k of cash cover in line with EN 11450 and EN 1143-1 standards respectively, and locks certified to the EN 1300. With its safes recommended by Secured by Design – the Police Preferred Specification for security products, as well as the Association of Insurance Surveyors Ltd, you can be certain that you will be offering the very best to customers who want to protect their valuables.

A safe that works for all
Burg-Wächter understands that everyone has different security needs and have made it easy for customers to easily find the safe that would suit them the most. Its independently certified range of safes boasts a variety of cash ratings, from £4,000 to £10,000 and beyond.

The Combi-Line and Dual-Safe ranges carry a £4,000 cash rating and have a double-walled construction and a sliding bolt on top for added protection against attacks. The ranges both come prepared for both wall and floor fixing and are available in a variety of sizes, with an adjustable shelf to give these safes more flexibility for storing valuables. Both lines comply with security level S2 according to EN 14450.

For customers looking for a higher grade safe, the Karat and Magno lines both carry a £6,000 cash rating and are certified against burglary according to EN 1143-1 Euro Grade standard. The Karat safes feature a triple walled body with an outer stainless-steel wall for ultimate protection against flame cutting and comes available in two sizes. The Magno meanwhile offers the ideal mix of security and affordability and is also available in two different sizes. Both of these safes also come with an adjustable shelf to ensure maximum space efficiency.

Burg-Wächter’s Diplomat safe line boasts a £10,000 cash rating and a 3 walled body with armoured, fireproof insulation for maximum protection. Its slim design allows for optimum use of interior space and 4-sided locking by strong round bolts provides even more security. Customers can use the adjustable shelf to tailor the safe to their own needs as well as choosing from a variety of sizes and, for an additional fee, paintwork to any RAL colour for those looking to blend the safe into the area where it will be kept.

Burg-Wächter also carry a range of commercial safes that offer up to £100,000 cash protection, suitable for customers who handle large volumes of cash, or for commercial premises where security is paramount.

For customers looking for certified fire protection, specific Burg-Wächter safes meet the strict EN 15659 standard. The Combi-Line and Dual-Safe lines comply to fire resistance LFS 30 P according to EN 15659, which gives 30 minutes fire protection for paper, while the Diplomat line provides 60 minutes of certified protection for paper.

Finally, customers will be able to choose their locking preference for their safe. Burg-Wächter’s certified safes locks meet EN 1300 regulations to offer resistance against attacks and burglaries. Its SecuSafe locks are traditional key locks and come with a resettable high security lock with 50 million key differs. Locks can also be immediately reset to a new key if a key is lost and additional keys are available upon request. The recently upgraded SecuTronic Safes are electronic combination locks with LCD graphic displays and additional option of a fingerprint scanner for the ultimate in convenience. Burg-Wächter was one of the first safe manufacturers to offer a certified electronic lock which can be opened with just one fingerprint, rather than the two required for previous generations. Choose from 1 of 1,000,000 different codes and register up to 20 fingerprints so customers can allow their family or trusted colleagues access. The fingerprint scanner also features ‘Fake Fingerprint Detection’ and will not identify fake or copied fingerprints.

Designed to give complete peace of mind, the Burg-Wächter safe range houses a variety of products that will provide continued quality and reliance for years to come, meaning you can be confident you are offering customers the very best protection for their most treasured valuables.

For more information on Burg-Wächter’s safe range or any of its home security products, visit: or call 01274 395333.