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The world’s most advanced Rockbreaker Boom System manufacturer

In this issue of Sustainability Today, we have selected Tecman as the recipient of our Industry Excellence Award.

Tecman is known around the world as a global leader in the manufacture of Rockbreaker Boom Systems specialising in the design of rock breaking solutions for the quarrying and mining sectors. Since its establishment in 1993 Tecman has grown and adapted to the changing market trends over the years and has built a reliable and diversified range of world class product lines that are designed for complete profitability to all those involved in mining, quarrying, demolition, recycling and bulk handling.

With its main factory based in France, Tecman is represented in five continents through a global dealer network. To support this network, Tecman also has offices in the UK, South Africa and Chile, as well as three integrated factories covering all processes of Rockbreaker Boom, Hydraulic Hammer, Design and Manufacture.

It is clear to see why Tecman is a global leader in the field of Automation. Its capabilities to provide the best solution are completely unrivalled. Tecman provide a simple solution to all your operational problems and are made to simply adapt to any make and model of boom system. There is no need for expensive studies, as Tecman’s solutions are based on its years of extensive knowledge of boom automation requirements. “We are the only company that can retro fit any rock boom system to anyone’s existing system,” added Brian Johnson, General Manager of Automation Division.

Through Advanced Performance Technology, Tecman has built the best integrated manufacturing system in the world. As well as meeting the exigences of modern mining and quarrying companies, Tecman also excels in offering the highest production, technology and performance levels.

Introducing the world’s most cost effective retro fit Boom Automation System, The Tecman Automation Box is a retro fit system that allows for your boom system to be operated locally with existing controls, or to be operated remotely using the Tecman Automation Controls by a simple push of a button.

It’s simple, effective and completely safe for the working environment. The system offers multiple machine operation meaning just one operator can work remotely or locally from anywhere in the world at any time. Completely designed around your systems, Tecman follows seven simple steps to automate your Rockbreaker Boom System. There are four packages available; The Local Package, The Control Room Package, The Multi Control Room Package, and Home Office Control, that each offer differing automation software for your specific needs and requirements.

Tecman has an extensive list of Boom Systems specifically designed for a number of different uses and environments. Whether you are in need of Boom Systems for Gyratory Crushers, Jaw Crushers, HSI Crushers, Mobile Crushers, Modified Excavators and Booms, Demolition Grapples, Underground Equipment, ROCBOT Robot Excavators, Hydraulic Hammers, Boom Systems for Steel Industry, Recycling Boom Systems, or Grizzly Bar Installations, any kind of crusher can be equipped with a Tecman Rockbreaker.

Another reason why Tecman is such a key-asset to its industry is its in-field support and training that can be offered anywhere in the world to build bespoke machinery rather than off-the-shelf products. 100% of its products are made through its in-house manufacturing facilities only using steel that is purchased from renowned European traders and manufacturers.

Using Robot Welding to build the rotary frames, Tecman understands that every customer has demanding applications, and because safety is paramount, each machine is built with a safety factor of 7. Another benefit to Tecman’s machinery is that because it manufactures its own cylinders, components and parts, it can easily trace stock and keep constant check on their quantity and availability. To ensure each Rockbreaker is made to perfection, each Rockbreaker is fully assembled and tested before shipment. Taking only two days to fully install, ease of assembly and commissioning is a priority to Tecman through all its designs.

In closing, we asked Brian how he felt receiving our award, he answered, “It’s always nice to receive an award.”

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