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CB Potts Electrical outside Event Specialist

C.B. Potts Electrical, is a long-established family business with over 20 years’ experience in the outside event industry, providing power from mains supply and generators through power distribution panels for small village fete, trade shows, corporate event or a large professionally-produced open air concert.

CBPotts_288_02We provide a complete service including Generators, Control Panels, Distribution cabling, Specific electrical supplies for filming and IT, Lighting Masts and Towers, flood and spot lighting for Marquees, Pergodas and Clear-Span buildings, sound systems, access, car parking and emergency lighting, together with all necessary cabling.

C. B. Potts Electrical can provide an independent electrical survey and report of the electrical installation at an outside event as a third party, not connected in any way with the event.

CBPotts_288_04We design and build panels to the highest quality and safety standards with a minimum of IP56 rating against water ingress; we also manufacture panels for customer’s specific requirements.

The team of C.B. Potts Electrical’s full-time staff, fully qualified and dedicated to guarantee satisfaction; this follows from the planning stages through to the completion of the project, having the team on site so that they are all familiar with the installation.

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