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Combining the power of science and the potential of people

Business and Industry Today is proud to present Synermetric as its Psychometrics Company of the Month.

Synermetric_285_02The specialist business, which was established in the 1990s, builds synergies between people metrics to transform selection and development for individuals, teams, and organisations. Fully qualified industry experts work alongside clients in order to develop uniquely customised solutions for data collection, information delivery and project management.

Originally, the establishment was a consultancy company which later split into a consultancy and an assessment provider. Continued expansion saw the company rebrand, resulting in a new name; Consulting Tools turned into Synermetric in order to highlight their increasing emphasis on the synergies between psychometrics.

Located in the outskirts of Cambridge, Synermetric combines best practice scientific approaches with the human element of psychology in order to provide quality support designed to guide clients in their use of assessment and creation of solutions. Their products include personality assessments, ability tests, strengths assessments, customisable surveys, career tools, style assessments, 360 degree feedback and emotional intelligence assessments (amongst many other collections).

These resources serve great purpose in many applications, particularly in training, coaching and psychology. Recruiters and end user corporate clients are also familiar with the company after making full use of their tools for people development projects and selection scenarios.

Synermetric_285_07“Entering into the recruitment space alongside learning and development has enabled us to create an integrated solution through the combination of tools,” John Dutton, CEO and owner at Synermetric, explained. “Our key areas of expertise include occupational psychology, advice, training and assessments in the form of highly advantageous web-based solutions.

“We are different in the respect that we bring two levels of expertise and integrate the tools together. We actually understand the needs of recruiters and psychologists, having had that collective background experience in these sectors. We can essentially plug the gap in a client’s current offering; customers keep coming back because we always go the extra mile to support them.

“We may be a small company but we are very flexible. We operate using a customised web portal, meaning we can offer different types of training and assessments, as opposed to just providing off-the-shelf solutions. Most similar companies rely on one provider, whilst here at Synermetric we source from multiple names from both the UK and the US.”

The company ensure to comply with British Psychological Society guidelines, and their ISO27001 accreditation emphasises their acknowledgement of validated data security and ethical obligations. The scientific elements within the solutions are authenticated by top psychologists, so there’s complete assurance of professionalism and credibility.

When discussing future plans, John was confident of continual success and growth for Synermetric. “We are hoping to establish ourselves as the go-to-company in this specialist area,” he concluded. “We want to be the one-stop-shop with the capability to tailor services as appropriate for individual customers. The aim is to be principally known for our customisation and our widespread range.”

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