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Coronavirus pandemic – How to structure your business for a safe and continuous operation in times of a crisis

Companies and businesses but also community facilities continue to need good emergency planning so business operations and production can be largely maintained during a crisis.

The Hygenia Net professional pandemic plan assures employee safety, allows the company to remain largely operational, and normal day-to-day processes are maintained to the greatest possible extent.

A scientist of the Harvard Global Health Institute had this to say about the dismissive attitude in some countries during a CNN interview: “We may be done with the pandemic, but the pandemic is not done with us!”

The Hygenia-Net Pandemic Emergency Plan is available digitally in English and German with ready-to-use materials.

Installation of a pandemic emergency plan

Pandemic emergency plan in English and German
Digital ready-made version, fully elaborated with 165 pages ready to use immediately for all sectors.
Digital emergency plan as a complete package with prepared work instructions, forms, checklists for all operational areas, hygiene and disinfect plans for specific areas, for employees, visitors and suppliers.
All forms and checklists are individual / inscription possible

Applicable to any industry, operation, or facility
All documents, forms, checklists, form templates Inventory plans, and hygiene plans are provided as ready-made digital versions.

Individual, specific information for the operation, company, or facility is simply added on the PC, updated, and can be adapted again at any time.

The complete concept is available by download

  • – Alerting plans
    – Emergency management plans
    – Team setup/crisis management group
    – Emergency plans for employees
    – Function and technology charts
    – Home-Office plans for employees
    – Emergency procurement plans
    – Function scheduling company physician/First-aid room
    – Vaccination/test schedule according to risk groups
    – Quarantine/emergency plan
    – Hygiene rules for staff, visitors, clients, family members
    – Some disinfect and cleanup plan for different section; companies, staff, canteen, transport etc
    – Some pandemic hygiene plans A4 + A3 for different section; companies, staff, canteen, transport etc.

Meet your responsibilities and fulfil your tasks with an internal emergency plan. This prepares your company for disaster scenarios of any kind, and you minimize the impact on your customers, employees, family members, residents, and the entire operation!

Further information is available here:

Pandemic Emergency Plan