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CP Electronics gives voice to single and multi-room scene-setting via cloud based apps

The new RAPID Scene Control Solutions from CP Electronics gives the ability to customise lighting in offices and commercial buildings on a room by room basis using voice recognition, through cloud-based apps via a tablet and smartphone.

This energy and cost-saving system works in conjunction with the system’s dimming lighting control modules (LCMs) and dimming luminaries. This integration allows RAPID to achieve advanced scene-setting capability across individual rooms and multiple floors. The use of a tablet or PC, especially if configured to voice recognition, provides end users with real convenience and ease in set-up.

Using the simple command, “room recall”, the RAPID control system allows set-up of the lighting control within a single room, using voice only.
RAPID Scene Control can be used in a wide range of applications, allowing users to set different lighting moods. Set up within each room through RAPID scene select plates or network WI-FI using a new cloud-based app created by CP Electronics. Compatible with windows 10, iOS, and android devices it gives end users instant scene control of their environment.

CP Electronics works with clients to create unique personal profiles, configured to the end users’ exact requirements.

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