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Developing a workforce for the future

Business and Industry Today is extremely proud to present Traffic Safety Officer Services (TSO Services) as its industry-acclaimed Traffic Management Operative Provider of the Month.

TrafficSafetyOfficerServices_297_14The business, which was established in 2012 by founders Tony Sykes and Tony Pope, is currently based in Manchester but ongoing growth has made it necessary to open a second office in Leeds. Set firmly in the construction sector (specifically facilitating the niche corner of traffic management), TSO Services purposefully operates to ensure effective labour is supplied to the industry, overseeing the fluctuations of major traffic management companies on a national basis.

TrafficSafetyOfficerServices_297_09“This particular segment is a specialised area of construction,” explained Company Director, Tony Pope. “This market has its own set of skills required to manage safe working areas next to live traffic on the country’s busiest roads. The addition of our new training centre in Yorkshire was permitted to help us develop our workforce; meeting the needs of the industry and ensuring the supply of the most qualified operatives to our client, confident in the belief that they are capable of completing the works issued to them.”

TrafficSafetyOfficerServices_297_11Now considered to be one of the most recognized traffic management recruitment companies in the industry, TSO Services has the proficiency to provide operatives across the UK (from Southampton to Newcastle), all of whom are highly experienced in their grades, whether Traffic Safety and Control Officers or LANTRA qualified one day operatives. Its widely trusted reputation has helped the firm to build up an ever-growing customer base comprising some of the biggest names in the traffic management sector (such as Colas, Chevron, Tarmac, Carillion, Amberon, Premier and Camway).

TrafficSafetyOfficerServices_297_15For the past two years the team have been developing TOAST (Traffic Operative and Shift Tracking), an advanced piece of software acting as a super-effective online database system managing bookings and holding qualifications. The bespoke technology incorporates a live feed to all clients, augments the organisation of administration paperwork and streamlines the overall process by keeping everything in one convenient place.

TrafficSafetyOfficerServices_297_12Tracking shifts is made possible with TOAST, logging individual hours and managing time at a live speed in a clear and readable format. Its new ‘Flag’ feature ensures that any subcontractors not meeting the expected standards (poor attendance, low performance, no valid drug and alcohol pass certificates being the main indicators) are removed from the search engines, which will in turn leave space only for the most reliable and credible candidates. In addition, the corresponding app allows operatives to monitor the flow of data more easily (and in seconds rather than hours).

TrafficSafetyOfficerServices_297_13TSO Services recently launched their training centre, complete with assessors independently recruited to capably train and assess individuals to the best of their ability. Tony was keen to discuss this in greater detail. “The new training centre is the focus for this year,” he said. “With the new office opening we have taken on a new training manager for the centre which can now provide services in both our offices in Manchester and Normanton.

“We also directly employ our training assessors so we can ensure that we set and meet the highest of standards and have this work externally verified as set out with Lantra to ensure that we meet the standards. We plan to push the training centre out to third parties not just provide in house training. A number of our clients have expressed an interest in what we are proposing, so we are anticipating a big year.”

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