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HAM-LET Advanced Control Technology

Business and Industry Today is proud to present HAM-LET as its Instrumentation Solutions Company of the Month.


Founded in 1950 by the late Mr. Zvi Topaz, HAM-LET is an engineering designer and manufacturer of high quality instrumentation valves and manifolds, fittings, hoses, measurement devices and accessories for fluid and gas delivery systems. They offer a wide range of standard and customised instrumentation solutions, with product materials made from stainless steel, brass and other exotic alloys.

HAM-LET’S UK operation is based in Lindfield, near Gatwick, and acts as the sales and stock holding division. Subsidiary stock holding branches can be found in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, in order to provide a world-wide level of coverage and support.

Their services facilitate a whole host of sectors; their main clients are industrial OEMs and specialist engineering distributors, and they have applications in the oil and gas, semiconductor, high purity, instrumentation, analytical, gas manufacturing industries.


HAM-LET insists on the most harsh quality standards and certifications, including: CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 15848, OHSAS 18001, NACE, ATEX and others, and their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry enabled them to acquire multiple innovation awards, including a 2012 award for their Metering Ball Valve.

David Archer, Business Development Manager at HAM-LET, said the company prioritise their clientele, “We can offer value for money, specialist engineering support and innovative solutions while partnering with customers. HAM-LET is totally committed to its clients, by providing the best service, on time delivery and uncompromised quality.”

HAM-LET’s newest product, the flexible hose line, includes five series of all stainless steel hose assemblies and three series of PTFE core stainless steel braided hose assemblies. Typically used in industrial, process and instrumentation applications and systems, these high specification hoses come with high quality fittings which provide maximum usability and full compliance with the highest safety levels. Additionally, they are available in a range of sizes, and have the capacity to handle working pressures up to 6,000psi (413bar).

The HAM-LET flexible hose line is typically used by those working in demanding environments because they are easy to install and maintain. Meanwhile, the metal hoses available by HAM-LET are high quality stainless steel assemblies best suited for applications in chemical, process, oil & gas, power generation, gases and semiconductor manufacturing and machinery industries.3

The PTFE stainless steel braided hose is an ideal solution for permanent or temporary connections of gas or liquid lines, as it makes fabrication easier, and it facilitates connection/disconnection and cleaning. Variable length, high flexibility, high pressures and broad chemical compatibility are among the features that make this hose the preferred solution for many applications.

Regarding current liaisons and future plans, David said, “HAM-LET focuses its activities on specific industry events and joint activities with trade partners. We have found that these lead to more direct enquires and tangible results. We have recently acquired Cambridge Fluid Systems (CFS), based in Cambridge, UK. We will carry on expanding through organic growth, innovation and acquisition.”

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