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Human, Building and Planet: Creating Indoor Environments for modern society

“The Industry Challenge Keynote” | May 25th 14:00, Online

Today, and in the future, the building industry faces major challenges. Health-related, economic and environmental aspects of buildings will soon be a top priority in our societies. Creating healthy, productive and sustainable indoor environments will be a key issue for building owners, contractors, tenants and governments.

Join us in our event where we will discuss the opportunities and challenges faced in the building industry. Focusing on a range of topics from system solutions for optimal room climate to product innovations, we’ll hear from industry experts about how we’re making quality indoor environments a priority!

From thermal, acoustic and visual comfort – indoor air quality has become a central point in the design of buildings, due to important factors such as the well-being, health and productivity of people.

The performance of buildings need to be controlled, measured and guaranteed over time. We will look at how it’s possible to create a project that take these into account, using our system approaches and digitalisation.

We’ll also be looking at how we are reducing our carbon footprint in order to create a more sustainable world.

Highlights of the event include:

  • Why IEQ matters for health, wellbeing and productivity
  • How the focus on the occupant affects building economics
  • Where sustainability and ‘net zero’ will impact on HVAC
  • How a digitalised system view will drive buildings forward in a sustainable, healthy and practical way.