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Intruders can’t steal what they can’t see!

Introducing the webeyeFOG Security Fog System

Burglars and intruders know that if they break into shops, warehouses and offices they’ll have some time to steal before anyone reacts even if an alarm is triggered. webeyeFOG is a compact unit with a smoke cartridge that fills a large room within a short time in a dense fog that impairs vision and forces intruders to leave.

A small unit that carries a big punch!
Previous smoke cloaking systems have been very expensive and cumbersome to operate. webeyeFOG is a new, compact and low-cost solution that can fit discreetly into any room.

The wired or battery powered version is easy to install and is low maintenance. One unit quickly covers 150m3 with a bitter smoke that lingers for 20/30 minutes but doesn’t stain or stick to furniture.

Combats intruders in your absence.
Compact, economical and powerful, webeyeFOG reacts to stop intruders the moment they enter a room. It is an ideal solution to provide instant protection for the likes of jewelers or pharmacists where speed is of the essence to stop the criminal.

Ask your security provider about integrating webeyeFOG as part of your security solution.

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