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Leading the way in advanced transport management systems

Business and Industry Today is pleased to announce that Q-Free TDC has been presented with its highly regarded Intelligent Transport Systems Solutions Provider of the Month profile.

TDCSystems_296_09TDC was set up by Managing Director Mark Phillips in 1998 and has since grown to become a reputable enterprise globally renowned for its ability to competently deliver cutting edge, trustworthy & user-friendly Intelligent Transport Systems and solutions.

Operating as a core element within the Q-Free group has further helped to cement TDC as a brand with real credibility and international value. Although its headquarters are based in the South West of England (with additional bases strategically placed in the UK, Australia and Malaysia), this recent integration has resulted in access to a multitude of new offices across the world.

TDCSystems_296_15The company, which operates 24/7, specialises in the research, design, manufacture, installation and upkeep of Intelligent Transport Systems. Its wide range of concentrated services and first-rate products includes: Traffic Counters and Classifiers, Bluetooth Journey Time Monitoring Systems, High and Low Speed Weigh-In-Motion Systems, Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Cycle & Pedestrian Detection Systems and Sustainable Transport Initiatives.

TDCSystems_296_13“All of TDC’s equipment is designed in-house offering innovative solutions to our customers, many of them bespoke to suit specific customer requirements,” commented Colin Reekie, Regional Account Manager (North) at TDC Systems. “We work with our customers and support them continuously during and after product/service delivery.

“We were first to market with the Bluetooth Journey Time technology and furthermore we add value to our product range via the integration of additional detection and system capability (for example, the ability to count pedestrians on shared cycle paths and the ability to activate safety signs and traffic signal priority for vulnerable road users).”

TDCSystems_296_14The focus on cycle priority and safety is of great importance to TDC. This work regarding the protection of vulnerable road users in crowded, multimodal traffic environments collectively includes cyclists and pedestrians – who can be difficult to spot in traffic monitoring situations due to complicated geometries and obstructed lines of vision in busy areas – both of whom are most likely to suffer the most impact after road-based collisions. A determination to reduce fatality figures & the likelihood of injuries has prompted the need for an effective and immediate solution designed to enhance the detection of vulnerable road users & ease the overall navigation process.

TDCSystems_296_10Q-Free TDC’s subsequent answer came in the form of the ‘Copenhagen Solution’, a system incorporating segregated cycle paths with the usage of a curb (rather than just a painted line) which enables signal prioritization & increased safety. In addition, the Q-Free TDC HI-TRAC CMU (Cycle Monitoring Unit) offers a fully validated piezoelectric-based resolution featuring roadside solar power & GPRS (cellular) connectivity.

TDC generally serves local and highway authorities, but it also acts as a third party supplier to contractors and consultancies. Its philosophy, which centres on the Q-Free company ethic of Excellence, Passion, Innovation and Collaboration (EPIC), is widely appreciated by a large cross-section of clients globally.

TDCSystems_296_12When asked about the organisation’s plans for the future, Colin concluded, “We will continue to provide ‘first to market’ quality products for the traffic industry, increasing the size and efficiency of our operations to meet the demand in manufacturing the TDC range of systems, embracing sustainable transport initiatives, delivering multiple integrated roadside monitoring technologies and working with industry bodies & leading academic institutes across the globe. This year we will be at Intertraffic 5-8th April 2016 & the ITS European Congress in Glasgow in June showcasing our products and solutions.”

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