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Responsible use of water and energy

Following a year of exceptional work in resource-saving and efficient system solutions and services for industrial water treatment, we are delighted to announce EnviroChemie UK Ltd as our Company of the Year for 2022.

EnviroChemie was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Rossdorf, Germany. The company is represented at 16 global locations with over 900 employees, and for over 45 years, its solutions have been ensuring efficiency and operational safety worldwide. The company works with over 30,000 customers in 60 countries, and experienced and highly qualified experts provide plant solutions and services that bear the hallmarks of quality, innovative brands and ground-breaking technologies.

Based in Bracknall, Berkshire, EnviroChemie UK Ltd opened in March 2018, and primarily operates to deliver technical water and wastewater treatment solutions to Industrial customers, in a way that conserves resources, complies with all industry regulations and achieves sustainability goals. The UK business is currently in the middle of a very busy time as it works on delivering several high-profile projects as well as winning new work and developing the process support and after sales side of the business.

Lester Young, Managing Director of the UK business, stated, “We design and build plants while also providing a full after sales service including chemicals and consumables, process and service support, operations and maintenance contracts, remote monitoring and operations support via digital platforms.” The company continues to maintain and grow its customer base in the UK, while also increasing its head count accordingly, and offering a wider variety of technologies from within the EnviroWater Group.

This year saw the formation of the EnviroWater Group, a network of companies offering a broad range of solutions for sustainable water treatment. This has encouraged all group companies to work closer together while still maintaining the ethos of strong autonomous local businesses that can react quickly to and service the needs of customers, but with the backing and support of the wider group when required. This broader group has enabled the company to offer a wider range of technologies than most of its competitors and to deliver the best solution for customers. The UK business is also expanding its Process Support function, which includes a first Operations Contract for EnviroChemie in this country.

As more companies are looking for new ways to recycle or reuse water, EnviroChemie UK Ltd is constantly working towards developing new energy-efficient technology and conserve resources. As the environment is constantly changing, it is vital that EnviroChemie is alert to all current and future challenges and always remains one step ahead of the legal requirements for wastewater. Its experienced and highly qualified team of experts are continually working to enhance processes and develop new water chemicals in their own laboratories that bear the hallmarks of quality, innovation and industry leading solutions.

Amongst the technologies provided by the company is the ‘Compact’ range of plant. that provides all the benefits of a bespoke designed solution but aimed at smaller users. These compact plants are designed to handle wastewater to reliably ensure compliance with required limit values, and all product types automate and visualise the treatment process. In addition to being compact, the plants are also very reliable, they give exactly as much plant as the client requires. The compact wastewater plants have proved their worth over many years in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications throughout Europe.

These prefabricated units are provided as ‘plug and play’ modules so they can quickly be connected and put into operation.

EnviroChemie UK Ltd also make much use of modular designed solutions called EnviModul, which are modular plant systems for the decentralised treatment of process water and wastewater. The company delivers the EnviroChemie water technology that has been tried and tested for over 35 years in the form of these compact EnviModul high-performance modules.

These EnviModules are built for a variety of applications, and in a way that allows process water and wastewater to be treated in an energy-efficient and resource-friendly manner. From pre-treatment to circulation and wastewater treatment, different EnviModules that can be combined and expanded flexibly.

The company also has the EnviroChemie WaterExpert™ digital service platform complete with in-built app. WaterExpert™ is an all-in-one solution for digitising water treatment plants. Combining real-time data monitoring, alarm management, digitised operator rounds, knowledge capture, maintenance management, asset management and on-demand remote access in a single easy-to-use platform, its designed to keep clients up to date on the status of your plant at all times in the easiest, most convenient way. Used to optimise plant operation while simultaneously reacting to challenging operating conditions, it is the perfect way to safeguard the know-how of team members.

The WaterExpert™ digital solution can be tailored to the needs of any company, meaning it can be as simple or as robust as required. The client is in control, choosing which features are required for plant operations and WaterExpert™ combines multiple digital solutions to form one user-friendly package.

From across the EnviroWater Group the company provides technologies for Process water treatment. These includes standard and bespoke built plant, covering applications from straight forward water softening and filtration, to specialist high purity water applications. All supplied and serviced from the |UK operation.

Lester commented, “In a crowded market, EnviroChemie UK Ltd remains at the forefront thanks to our wide range of technologies and collaborative group approach, meaning that customers will always get the optimum solution for their application supported locally and globally with trained engineers and a variety of digital platforms. As for the award, we are very proud that after only four years in the UK we have been recognised as a major provider of sustainable wastewater solutions for industrial end users.”