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Saving money on waste removal and heating costs

Wood Waste Technology’s biomass heaters and boilers are designed to help businesses save money on waste-removal and heating bills.

From small hand-fired units to larger fully-automatic systems, Wood Waste Technology’s heaters will convert waste-wood, including chipboard, plywood and MDF, into free factory heating. Easy-to-use, durable and reliable, the company says every wood-waste-heater ever sold is still operational today.

Wood Waste Technology’s state-of-the-art boilers burn wood-waste to provide space-heating to factory areas, traditional radiator-heating for offices, domestic-hot-water and also a hot-water supply for manufacturing processes and machinery.

Featured on the Energy Technology List, the boilers are designed to be user-friendly and have a 92.4% efficiency-rating. This helps to maximise the financial returns available from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme that is available for companies investing in new biomass technology. The boilers are fully RHI compliant without the need for additional flue-gas-filtration-equipment, reducing the investment and on-going maintenance costs of an RHI-compliant boiler.

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