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USB data acquisition

The iNET-600 Series A/D module from Omega Engineering provides 16SE/8DI voltage input channels each of which are independently software programmable with Windows software that supports the direct connection to many common sensor types.

Voltage input range on each channel is independently software programmable to one of: +20 mV, +40 mV, +80 mV, +150 mV, +300 mV,+600 mV, +1.2V, +2.5V, +5V, 10V. Included is a mating Hd44 female connector and cover.

Alternatively, one can attach iNET-600 Series to the following optional wiring boxes: iNET-500, iNET-511, iNET-512. If one is working with thermocouples, an iNET-510 wiring box is required due to its internal cold junction compensation. iNET-600 Series is a stand-alone USB data acquisition system. No additional components, such as external power supply are required.

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