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Taking the right steps to wellbeing

Business and Industry Today is extremely proud to present Rightsteps as its selected Employee Health & Wellbeing Services Company of the Month.

Delivered by Turning Point – one of the country’s leading health and social care organisations – Rightsteps provides employers across the UK with access to high quality services that support employees suffering with the most common forms of mental health issues, including stress, anxiety and depression, conditions which account for more than 15 million lost working days per annum in the UK.

Mental ill-health affects around 10 million individuals each year, with around 1 in 6 workers in the UK experiencing a mental health condition at any one time. Mental ill-health has the ability to significantly affect both the employee and the organisation they work for, with studies suggesting that mental health issues cost UK business £26bn per annum – that’s equal to £1,000 per employee per annum, therefore providing support for employees struggling with such issues can have a significant impact on reducing the cost of employee absence and presenteeism.

Rightsteps works on an individual basis with each case, developing a bespoke care-plan tailored to the needs of the employee and employer. Each plan is devised to assist the employee in taking control of their condition and make long term change a reality by supporting them back to work if absent or minimising the chances of absence due to their condition.
Cliff Lee of Rightsteps commented, “Rightsteps has developed its range of services with the primary aim of keeping your business running and improving the ability of your workforce to cope with the daily stresses of working life.

“Regardless of the size of organisation, mental ill-health has the potential to disrupt your business. The costs of mental health issues at work are significant, both for organisations and individuals. Affected employees may take sick leave or, if they remain at work, may find their performance adversely affected by fatigue, poor concentration and memory problems, commonly referred to as presenteeism.

“Our services focus on 3 key objectives: reducing absence and presenteeism, improving mental wellbeing, and supporting employees and employers. We work with individuals to achieve long term change, supporting people to tackle their issues by developing coping strategies that will assist them in managing their condition long after their engagement in the programme has finished.”

Referrals to the programme are made via a management referral process. All referrals received are actioned within 48 hours of receipt and assessed by a Wellbeing Practitioner. Delivering the service over the telephone helps ensure it is easily assessable for employees, whilst guaranteeing best value is achieved for the employer.

Treatment is delivered by Rightsteps’ own highly qualified Wellbeing Practitioners who are trained in delivering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – a structured, solution orientated form of psychological intervention. CBT is ideally suited to work based interventions as it identifies and challenges negative patterns of thought (‘cognition’) and behaviour, and assists the employee in building problem-solving and coping strategies.

What makes Rightsteps unique is they strictly work on a pay as you go basis allowing you to only pay for the services when you use them. Unlike other organisations, Rightsteps service has no contractual obligations or minimum usage requirements for their services, so they can help 1 employee or 100,000.

TurningPoint_285_02Cliff explained, “Because of our approach to pricing, we are on hand for employers as and when they need us. We have a strong track record in getting fantastic results for our customers and work with businesses in a range of sectors across the UK, from large blue chip companies to smaller independent businesses. In addition, from our own cost benefit analysis conducted, we have evidenced that for every £1 our customers spent on using the Rightsteps Wellbeing service, savings of an average £6.47 in occupational sick pay, and associated costs were achieved.”

When asked what the future holds for the company, Cliff concluded, “Our core aim is to continue to provide a dedicated and reliable service to all our customers. We have developed the business through our reputation of quality and consistency and will continue to do so through delivery of an expert service.

“We provide employers access to specialist support which assists them in supporting employees suffering from a range of mental health conditions. Conditions which if unsupported can result in extended periods of absence and/or issues relating to the individuals performance within the workplace. Our services provide a long term solution which supports all those involved in taking the right steps to maintaining good mental health and wellbeing.”

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